WOD 4/28

A. 6:00 E202
Ring Outs x3-5×3 

B. 21:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 2 Power Snatch @ 75-85%
Min 2 – 4/arm Half Kneeling SA DB/ KB Press
Min 3 –  1-2 rope climbs (3 rope lay downs)
*Sets across, Increase press weight by 2-5% from last week

C. 5 minute AMRAP
Power Snatch @ 95 / 65 / 45
*total reps recorded

Scaling Guide:
– 20-50 reps
– Scale up “Isabel” w/ 5:00 cap

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 5 rounds of “Cindy”

Want to know what to expect with this programming cycle? Check out this overview from Coach Wes!


WOD 4/27

A. “Bradley
10 rounds for time of:
100 m Run
10 Pull-ups (6 Bands assisted / 6 Jumping)
100 m Run
10 Burpees
Rest 30 secs

*Time recorded
*PreTest “Long Metcon”
*Scaled option: reduce volume to 6 pull-ups 6 Burpees / round

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WOD 4/26

A. 14:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 1 Power Snatch @ 75-85%
Min 2 – 3/arm Half Kneeling SA DB/ KB Press
*Sets across for both exercises, Increase press weight by 2-5% from last week

B. 3 rounds (FGB Style)
1:00 back squat @ 135 / 85 / 55
1:00 front rack SA lunge step- R/ L=1 rep @ 24K / 16k / 12K
1:00 row (for calories)
1:00 rest

Scaling Guide: 120 – 220 ‘reps’

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
4:00 AMRAP
5 db squat cleans
30 double unders

Saturday, May 13
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May Programming Overview || Coach Wes


Happy last week of April CFA peeps! I’ve had several requests to update folks as to what they’ll see in the programming in the coming months so let’s get into it!


Before we start I  want to outline a few basic themes you’ll see (and you’ve seen) with the programming:

  • Strength and skill focuses run on a 6 week calendar, and are coupled together to maximize the time we have in class.  The goal is to get consistent touches at light, medium, and heavy loads in each lift and skill to create a level of mastery we can’t achieve by putting these movements in the programming randomly and sporadically.
  • Skills focuses throughout the year are designed to build on top of one another and safeguard against injury. What this looks like in practice is a simple to complex movement progression, and single limb to double limb progressions in most cases. An example is: doing single arm ring rows and single arm presses to eventually progress into strict pull-ups and handstand push-ups.
  • The conditioning work we do progresses from longer work when the strength progression is in a lighter phase, and shorter more intense workouts when we’re lifting heavier in the progression. If you prefer one side of the coin more than the other just be patient it will show back up after a few weeks.
  • We also include conditioning “tests” every other week or so. These tests will be retested in the future.  I will keep folks apprised of when a test or retest is happening and whether it falls into the category of long, light, heavy, bodyweight, or team focused.
  • Finally there will be other elements including cashouts, skill warm-ups, and additional strength / skill work peppered in to round out the program. However the above represents the core work that will keep folks moving forward over the long term (2+ years).


Strength & Skill Focus for May

We will conclude our snatch / single arm strength focus in May and have a post test tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th.  The strength cycles do have some overlap, so we also have a pretest scheduled for Tuesday May 16th for the Jerk. Our Jerk strength cycle will be coupled with DB split squats in preparation for the front box squats in July.
The snatch weights will get heavier this May and if you did a good job of dialing in technique and practice early on in the cycle you should be able to perform at heavier loads without overthinking your technique. If technique is still lacking, schedule a hybrid session with your Coach For Life (if you’re not on hybrid or don’t know what that means, shoot us a message 😉 ) for some additional technique work, and / or keep your weights at the lower percentage we’ve already seen in April. Success in any lift will always be more abundant when you’re consistently “making” lifts, even if the weight is a bit lighter. Particularly in a snatch people commonly stall out when they are chasing weights and “missing” more attempts than they make.

Conditioning Test in May

Below is the tentative schedule for conditioning tests in May.  Some may shift by a day or two as the weeks get put together, but all of these test will be seen in May.
Heavy – “Back in Black” Monday 5/1
Bodyweight – “Cindy” Friday 5/5
Heavy – “Fox on the Run” Wednesday 5/3
Team – “Team Murph” (Can also be used as a “long” pretest for Murph in July if you plan to do it solo) Saturday 5/27
Long – “Plenty of Gas” – Tuesday 5/30

*Please remember to record your scores for these workouts as they will be retested 4 to 8 weeks from the initial tests.  They’ll also be tests that pop up consistently year over year.

Lastly, if you’ve been consistently hitting the workouts Rx or the scale-up versions and feel like you’re ready for some additional work please schedule a hybrid session with your CFL. They are more than happy to assess whether additional volume and accessory work is appropriate for your development. More isn’t always better, but there are specific things your coach can help you with if you feel like you’ve stalled out in a specific aspect of your fitness.
Hope this is informational for everyone’s brain as we make our way into the last month of spring. As always, feel free to ask any additional questions you may have in the comments!

WOD 4/25

A. “Wolfthorne“
3 Rounds
4 squat snatches @ 115/65/35  (Power Snatch to Overhead Squat acceptable)
5 overhead squats (same)
6 clean and jerks (same)
7 thrusters (same)
18 burpees over the bar
1:00 rest
*Time recorded
*PreTest “Heavy Metcon”

Scaling Guide:
– 11 – 20 minutes, about 5 min per round. – Scale Up: 135/85lbs

Progenex Pre-Orders are due by FRIDAY (4/28) Let us know what you want! 

WOD 4/24

A. 8:00 E202
Front Rack BB Reverse Lunge x3/legx4
*start with an empty bar and work up to the weight used for first Front Squat set

B. 15:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 3 Front Squats
Min 2 – 3 Strict HSPU
Min 3 – Rest
*build up each set. Build weight on FS and depth on HSPU as you’re able

C. 7:00 AMRAP
30 Double Unders (60 singles, DUs = x2)
Chin Up (Strict)s @ 5 / 3 / 3 band assisted
5 DB Hang Squat Cleans @ 45 lb/ 30 lb/ 20 lb
*rounds + reps recorded

Scaling Guide:
– 3 – 6 rounds, about 1:45 per round.
Optional ‘Cash Out’: 75 wall balls for time

Get a partner —> Register for Night of Champions —> Win the competition —> Bask in the glory


WOD 4/22

“Dirty Thirty or Filthy Fifty”

50/30 Box jumps @ 24” / 20” / 12”
50/30 Jumping pull-ups
50/30 American KBS@ 16K / 12K / 8K
50/30 Walking Lunge (total steps)
50/30 Knees to Elbows
50/30 Push press @ 45 lb / 35 lb / 15 lb
50/30 Super Mans
50/30 Wall balls @  20lb/10ft, 14lb/9ft, 10lb/8ft
50/30 Burpees
50/30 Double unders
*Time recorded
*35:00 Cap

*Team Version!: 2 Person Teams 100 reps of each exercises. One person working at a time until the burpees and double unders (both people working at the same time, but still 100 reps total)

*If you have completed a Dirty Thirty under 20 minutes perform as Filthy Fifty compare to Monday January 23, 2017

*If you complete the Dirty Thirty in under 20 minutes you “graduate” to the “Filthy Fifty” the next time we do this workout.

Get your PROGENEX PRE-ORDERS in by Friday April 28th! 

WOD 4/21

A. 16:00 E202
1-2 Push Press build to 80-90%

B. 4 Rounds
8 hang power snatch @ 95 / 65/ 16K KBS
10 Strict press (same)
12 bumper plate burpees @ 45 / 25 / 15
600m run
*30 Minute Cap

Scaling Guide:
– 20 – 28 min, about 6 min per round.
– Scale Up: 135/85lb bar

Great suggestions for some pre-class shoulder warm up!

WOD 4/20

A. 4 rounds (FGB Style)
1:00 ‘heavy’ OVHD KBS @ 32K / 24K / 16K
1:00 ‘high’ box jump @30” / 24”/ 20”
1:00 pistols (High Lateral Step-up)
1:00 toes-to-bar
1:00 sled push @ 45 lb / Box Push variations
1:00 rest
*total reps recorded

Scaling Guide:
 200 – 350 total reps, about 75 per round.
– Scale Up: 44K/32K kb, 36/30″ box, 35/25lb pistols

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”- Tony Robbins


WOD 4/19

A. In 20:00 Minutes
Build to 1 RM Back Squat
*Weight Recorded
*Post Test!

B. Row 1200m / 1000m / 800m
3 rounds for time
80′ dumbbell suitcase carry (20′ out and back two times) @ 24K / 16K / 12K
10 left single arm kettlebell swings (same)
10 right single arm kettlebell swings (same)
10 goblet squats (same)
*Time recorded

Scaling Guide: 8 – 11 minutes, about 3:30 for the row, then 2:00 per round

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
4 min AMRAP
16 suitcase lunge steps
30s plank
100m run

NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS is coming! Check out the details here.


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