Hannan Ebadi


About Hannan:

Hannan is originally from Iran, but lived most of her life in Dubai. She started her fitness journey with swimming at age 7. She also began Karate as a young girl and continued training, reaching the achievement of 3rd Dan. Hannan began coaching Karate at the age of 17 and continued to both train and compete herself for many years.

She graduated with a degree in Architectural Engineering, but found her passion in fitness; especially in coaching. Hannan found CrossFit in the Middle East in 2013 where at that time, CrossFit had only been around for 3 years!  After her first WOD, she knew there was much more opportunity to challenge herself with CrossFit! That continuous opportunity to grow is the reason she continues to train.


  • L1
  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition by ISS
  • Certified Personal Trainer BY ISS
  • SKI Karate 3rd Dan black belt

A Message From Hannan:

Being in the gym and on the coaching team for me is not only about one hour of coaching a work out. To me, it holds endless life lessons. The box is a place where you can put all thoughts behind you and be free for an hour. You come in and make this place what you need. You can put all your stress and emotions into the WOD or this can be a place where you come in and chill with the community and your friends. I think there is no better place than the box to bring it all to us. Whatever you may be feeling or needing,  we promise that we will bring the best out of you.


Contact: hannan@crossfitaustin.com