10 Years of Extra Life

I have writers block…..

An hour from now I am banking on having a catchy title that will hopefully get you – the reader – to at least here.

I hope it worked.

I have debated whether this article should be about Correct Grip, Muscle Spotlighting, Skill Work, or whatever else. Yet, my mind continues to drift back to a TEDtalk I watched last night from Jane McGonigal (Video is below).

[youtube]I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfBpsV1Hwqs[/youtube]

If you don’t have the 19 mins to watch the video, I cover some of the highlights and how I beleive they are being cultivated in our gym.

4 Types of Resilience
1. Physical Resilience
2. Mental Resilience
3. Emotional Resilience
4. Social Resilience

It is believed that the more you practice the “4 Types of Resilience” the longer you will live. Which, as the video explains, the science behind this theory indicates it results in about 10 years.

Physical Resilience
Benefit: Withstand higher levels of stress, and heal faster.

This is easy to do. Just Move! This is a staple of CFA.


Mental Resilience
Benefit: Improve mental focus, determination, and will power.

Whether it is counting down wall ball reps during “Karen”, or focusing on correct positions during skill movements, we want you engaged!











Emotional Resilience
Benefit: Improves health and problem solving.

Its all about the 3:1 positive to negative emotions ratio. Which means that in an hour you need to elicit three positive emotions to every negative emotion experienced. I believe that our 3 tier structure (Foundations, Performance, Competition) at CFA is the backbone for our emotional resilience. For new athletes entering our program its about compiling success. As they spend time in each level built around their current skill set they are challenged, but not set up for failure. This is why we test out of each tier, and choose not throw newbies in the deep end. There is logical growth. Success builds Success.









Social Resilience
Benefit: Strength through community.

Its the tribal instinct in all of us to belong to something bigger than ourselves. As we see others work hard and show up day in day out, we feel the need to do the same. Its synergistic and should be shared.

“Don’t work out with Strangers.” – Wes Kimball











Need I say more?

All of that in just an hour at CFA!! 10 years of extra life! Don’t worry you don’t need to say it….you’re welcome! 🙂

-Coach Aaron Davis