CrossFit Austin is made up of many things barbells, rubber mats, pull-up bars, and gymnastics rings just to name a few. But more importantly we are a singular collection of people with a common goal, or as we like to say “We are one”.  Though the people of CFA come from many different backgrounds and each have their own unique story, we all gather in the same place in pursuit of the same goal.  That goal is to embody the very best version of ourselves. To strengthen our mind, body, spirit, and community in a way that will forever endure.  This is the “one” ultimate goal that we as a community are always striving for and will always be in pursuit of.  To put it simply “We Are One”.

Undeniably, this place is home to everyone who walks through our doors and joins our family. Though humbly, we say “undeniably” because it resonates in our walls and in the veins of each and every member who settles here. Our people are the heart and soul of what drives this place day in and day out. Yes, we are a gym. Yes, people come here to train, get into shape, compete with their neighbor, compete with themselves, compete in the sport, build strength… But it’s the pride they wear on their sleeve that makes this place what it truly is. Home.

No matter where you’re at in your journey – be it one to fitness, wellness or health – we’ll meet you where you are and help you get to where you’re going.

New to it all.

Rehabilitating from an injury.

Experienced competitive athlete.

Sport Specific Training Goals….  the list could go on.

Enter where you are.

The CrossFit Austin program is based on a simple concept:

The Program

Hard Work





First and foremost athletes must be willing to work hard to earn results. There is no way around this and there is no shortcut. We achieve this on a daily basis using a variety protocols including strength and power training, extended endurance sessions, anaerobic circuits, and athletic skills that create body awareness and coordination.

Equally as important as working hard is recovering from that work. Many times this becomes the most difficult part of the equation because it requires more personal responsibility. We assist our athletes in this area by actively including recovery practices in our daily sessions. This includes but is not limited too myofascial stretching, dynamic mobility, aerobic recovery sessions, nutritional education, and a dedicated focus on movement quality. In addition to these protocol we also offer opportunities for athletes to use cutting edge monitoring technology to have a quantifiable measure of how well they are recovering and adapting to the work we dole out.

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Our coaching staff is comprised of men and women of great character and integrity who have made fitness their life’s pursuit and passion.  They are athletes, teachers, fathers, mothers, and family members that understand the challenges of life. Their passion and experience gives each CrossFit Austin athlete every possible opportunity to succeed in their own personal pursuit of fitness.  Our coaches deliver our program to our people and ensure it yields results. They’ve also created an environment conducive to building strong meaningful personal relationships, and a culture that transforms handwork into a daily experience our athletes look forward to.

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