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GROUP CLASSES [intermediate – training  for fitness & fun]

PRIVATE TRAINING [goal specific, individualized]


Our Personal Fundamental program will give you all the tools you need to change your life. Our coaches will move at YOUR pace in learning the vast movement index required within the CrossFit Austin program along with numerous educational components regarding lifestyle habits and behaviors because healthy minds and bodies aren’t just created in the gym. This program will be individualized and tailored for YOU at YOUR own pace and progression.

The investment for these personal sessions from the start is what sets our training apart from the rest. 95% of all beginners to our program need the expertise and guidance of a coach. Our coaches are trained to ensure your safety and comprehension of the complicated movements that CrossFit requires. Our athletes will be fully  prepared for success once they spend quality personal training time with our coaches.

The majority of our incoming members take between 13-15 sessions to be fully prepared for our group class setting. Your personal training prescription will be determined in our first Introductory Session (click here to schedule). We are prepared for all learning styles and fitness levels. You DO NOT need to be in shape to start, you just need to be willing to show up, commit and comply to attain your health and fitness goals! All sessions are scheduled around YOUR time and availability.

Why do we do it this way?

We believe our Personal Fundamental program is the safest and most effective way to teach, coach and educate new members on not just the CrossFit methodology, but the lifestyle that goes along with it. There is a vast educational component that goes along with learning not just how to move properly inside the gym but what needs to happen away from it as well. Our coaches are invested in YOUR health, fitness and safety and that is why we choose to go the route we do. We want to make sure we take YOUR pace in learning and understanding how to live YOUR fittest, healthiest, longest life possible.

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Our group classes are designed for our intermediate to advanced community, with fitness as the underlying goal. Designed to promote and enhance your health and fitness, our CrossFit Group Classes are programmed to build a solid foundation of strength, aerobic capacity, and skill. While focusing on proper mechanics and movement quality over intensity, our coaches work with you at your level and lead you through workouts that are scalable yet can be made as challenging as necessary based on the individual. Our Group classes also include a greater degree of intensity and complexity with gymnastics, Olympic lifting, sprinting, plyometrics, etc. programmed regularly.

Group Classes = Flexible

Our CrossFit Group Classes are offered all day, running one hour in length. No matter which class hour you register for, each class is lead from beginning to end by your coach. You choose your commitment level and show up to class. Your coach leads you through your class hour and training.

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For new members we require at-least 6 months of consistent CrossFit training at another affiliate to forgo the Personal Fundamentals and jump right into group classes. We also expect a good grasp of the Olympic movements (snatch, clean and jerk),  strength movements (press, deadlift, squat),  as well as intermediate gymnastics skills (kipping pull-ups, ring skills, handstands).



1 on 1 Private Coaching 

While our group CrossFit program is designed to meet the needs of a large and varied community of athletes, our private coaching is designed to give you the most direct path to  the achieving specific goals.   Our private coaching allows our talented coaches to hone in on your individual needs whether you’re looking to gain strength, lose weight, need more accountability, or just prefer a more private setting.

Private coaching is and will be recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific sport or event, or have significant health limitations.


We offer sessions individually, and in packages of 10 sessions. Please contact us for pricing specifics.

Getting Started

To get started click here to schedule a free 60 minute consultation and speak with one of our coaches about your fitness goals today.



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