Thank You

Hey CrossFit Austin!

Well, we’re finally ALL IN in our new facility. What we mean by that is, we’re no longer dependent on the old building for showers, water and toilets. What we don’t mean by this is, everything has its place and we’re all settled. With that, we’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU!

THANK YOU for the time you gave, helping move us from one space to another
THANK YOU for the patience you continue to maintain while the dust (literally) settles
THANK YOU for excusing our mess while we learn the new space and find homes for everything
THANK YOU for your continued belief in our programming, direction and drive for CrossFit Austin
THANK YOU for grin and bearing the stagnant air in our new space while we obtain new fans and find the best space for them to move the air
THANK YOU for making the CrossFit Austin community what it is
THANK YOU for your feedback on our survey regarding the move and new facility

We received a decent amount of feedback from the survey, both constructive and praise, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Keep it coming! We’re making strides in addressing some of your feedback, such as:

Cleanliness – while the dust settles we’ve increased the cleaning crew and given them directives to make sure the floors are prioritized!
Organization – there’s a lot of space left to be utilized and items that still need homes. Much of our equipment has found a home and we thank you for keeping things organized by putting items back where you got them.
We are still learning what works and what doesn’t though, so if you go to find an item and it’s been moved – you aren’t going crazy! We’re trying to make the most efficient use of the space and effective layout possible.
Equipment– We’re outfitting the new space in a series of phases. Phase 1 is complete! Our new rig, new bars, new plates and misc. other items are here! Look forward to Phase 2 & 3 by the end of 2014, to include: social seating area (think couches & coffee), OLY lifting platforms, Eleiko & Chad Vaughn bars & plates, Blocks, additional ‘female’ bars, Rowers, Slam Balls, Onnit Supplements & Equipment… to name a few

With all that said, 2014 will close with a BANG! and 2015 will be our greatest year, yet!

-Your CrossFit Austin Team