Happy New Year!!

Let me be the first (maybe not the first) to wish everyone who has been involved with CrossFit Austin a Happy New Year.  Boone and I can’t thank everyone enough for making our first full month of business a huge success.

That being said, its 2009 time (yikes that rhymes) and with the New Year, the obligatory resolutions follow. Ah yes, those big promises that we make to ourselves that never seem to work out. Although I’m not usually one for the resolution game I have set some specific goals for myself and all you lovely CrossFit Austinites.

Lets start with my goal. Through out my CrossFit journey I have one (at least) glaring blemish on my resume… the muscle-up. Indeed, I have yet to feel the joy of pulling and pushing this 265 lbs above a pair of gymnastic rings. How do I plan on accomplishing this…

1. Dedication in my warm-up to the muscle-up
2. Dedication to my nutrition outside the gym
3. Growing a beard

That’s right.  Much to the dismay of my mother (sorry mom) and the single ladies of Austin (sorry single ladies of Austin),  I have vowed to not let a razor touch my face until I have locked out full extension above the rings.  So this is the last time you will see this..

Why?  Because gymnastics is my “Goat” or the weakest weapon in my CrossFit arsenal and maintaining a beard drives me crazy (trust me).  The best way is to improve is not to chase our strengths but eliminate our weaknesses!

So this is my challenge to you CrossFit Austin. Take a look at the last month of training, think about what you have struggled with the most, and lets attack it full steam ahead this month.  Everyday there will be at least 10 minutes of warm-up time set aside to work on your “Goat”.

Additionally, I have this goal for CFA as a whole:

Increase flexibility and range of motion.

Don’t worry I have some fun stuff in store for this as well.

Lets get fired up about the coming month, enjoy your day of football, and lets hope I don’t end up looking like This.