A New Perspective: Omegawave


For close to 10 years now I have tried to understand the complexity of human performance.  Failing as many times as I have succeeded in this venture, it lead me to search out experts in the field:

James Fitzgerald (OPT) the first CrossFit Games Champion and leading expert in exercise physiology as it pertains to the sport of CrossFit; Dan Pfaff (Track and Field) considered one of the best coaches in the world who has coached 49 Olympians, 9 Olympic Medalists, 5 World Record holders; Stuart McMillan (Strength & Conditioning/ Sprint Coach) who has coached at 5 different Olympic Games where his athletes have amassed 26 medals and Dr. Gerry Ramogida one of the worlds top therapists.

I expected answers. Maybe secret workouts, specific exercises, complex periodization schemes, or new performance supplement.

I found none.

Instead, I found simplicity, patience and understanding of the human element.

They are masters of Stress and Adaptation; realizing individual differences between athletes, the patience needed for adaptation and how outside stressors affect the health and wellness of the athlete.

This has reshaped my view of fitness. It’s no longer performance based but quality of life based.  True fitness should not create injury or pathology, but build both physical and mental health.

Exercise can be a hefty dose of mental, physical, and emotional stress. Very few things create such a combination. Layer that on top of poor nutrition, lack of sleep, job and relationship stress and you have an adaptation disaster. It will lead to poor performance, poor mental well-being, and injury.

This has lead us to utilize the Omegawave technology here at CrossFit Austin and Train. Adapt. Evolve.

If Stress and Adaptation are the key to performance and health, it is important to track both to the best of our ability.

Omegawave will give us a deeper look at the following:

* Adaptation (Readiness Profile)
* Central Nervous System Readiness
* Aerobic and Anaerobic Profiles
* Hormonal Systems
* Detoxification Systems
* Cardiopulmonary Systems

This allows us to better understand ourselves; our lifestyle, daily stress and our adaptation process. Instead of looking to the outside for answers by searching out ‘fitness gurus’, “Miracle” Diets, or workout regimens we can now look within.

It’s about finding our biological limits then surpassing them.

I am not only passionate about helping our own clients and athletes but the greater Austin Community. This isn’t about being shackled to “Elitism”, a CrossFit gym, or any gym for that matter. My priorities are clear; help people find true fitness and ultimately true wellness.

Train. Adapt. Evolve.

-Aaron Davis

Omegawave Consults & Inquiries: genny@crossfitaustin.com