Be the dancing man… start a movement

Why are so many people stuck in an unhealthy situation?  Take a cue from the dancing man and venture out on your own, carve a new path… a healthy one, and help those around you see that there’s a better way. (A word of warning: you must watch the entire video at the end)

We all have our comfort zones.  Humans are social creatures.  Functioning as a cohesive group is a central aspect of what has sustained us as a species.  Our “fitness” (defined here as the ability to stay alive and reproduce – not perform sets of preacher-curls in front of the mirror) has been dependent for generations on us playing together nicely and performing our role within society.  As such, we all have an overwhelming natural tendency to stick with the status-quo, and not rock the boat.

Huge CrossFit CalvesUnfortunately, for most of us, the status-quo is not necessarily a healthy environment.  We live in an era of Happy Meals and Shake-weights.

Whether just getting started, or well on your way, at CrossFit Austin we are all on similar journeys to improve our health and overall fitness.  In order to make the necessary changes in nutrition and lifestyle, you may find yourself going against the norm.

Will I look like a fool if I don’t eat a cupcake at my friend’s birthday party?  What will my date think if I don’t order a drink with Dinner?  Will my training partner, Franz, disown me if I suggest we do a set of squats instead of our standard calf-raises?

Don’t let the natural instinct to stick with the norm dissuade you.  You have a unique opportunity here to step out on your own, and set an example for those around you.

Making a positive change is an awesome thing, although it can initially be lonely as you are forced to step out on your own.

Don’t fear this position in the front, but embrace it.  You have the unique ability to be an example… and make a positive change in your life, and in the lives of countless others around you.  Improved health, fitness, and confidence are awesome things – and THEY’RE HARD TO HIDE.  As those close to you notice the progress in your journey, chances are good that you won’t be alone for long… (now watch the video – feel free to dance along)


Love, Boone