Being At The Top of Your Game Everyday

What does this mean?

It’s the feeling of invisibility throughout the day.  Crisis at work?  You got it!  Getting the kids to soccer practice across town during 6:00pm traffic?  You got it!  Hard Workout on the whiteboard?  You killed it!  Zombie apocalypse? Bring it!

How do you achieve this?  Balance and significant time watching The Walking Dead.

I will admit, I am not writing this article as an expert, but as someone who struggles with finding, no, maintaining balance.  My past has had violent swings from one side to the other. I have allowed one aspect of my life to rule all others. I have choked out LOVE, ATHLETICS, and EDUCATION as if I was a Steinbeck character.

This is nothing new.  Finding balance has been an issue throughout history.  The Samurai had Bushido to balance violence with serenity. Socrates the Greek philosopher stated ‘too much physical training made savages’ but likewise, ‘too much music and poetry made a person soft’.  Being on top of your game is about balance. Below are tips I use to maintain balance. They are not my own ideas but a collection of advice and readings I have obtained.

A. The Physical

– Sleep: Have a schedule. Early to bed, early to rise.  “I’ll Follow the Sun” – The Beatles were on to something

– Nutrition: Hydrate. Keep a Food Log. Pay attention to what makes you feel well.

– Workout: If you are reading this, we have you covered.


B. The Emotional

– You are the company you keep: Only keep positive people and energy around you. Cut out cancers and negativity. No one is sacred. I repeat, no one is sacred!

– Be honest: It feels good. You know when you hear it. Others will too. This will help filter  “You are the company you keep”


C. The Mental

– Balance both sides of the Brain: If you are analytical, be creative. If you are artistic,  try memorizing, play number games, learn a language. Einstein played the violin…smart dude!


D. The Spiritual

– Pray or Meditate: To each its own, just do it. No matter the form or fashion. Find time for serenity.

    – Be Thankful and Forgive: OFTEN…


-Aaron Davis