COA Weekly Challenge #2: Paleo Chili Cookoff

Hopefully everyone is keeping it Awesome in the good circle! Our next weekly challenge is a Paleo Chili cook off for two $10 gifts certificates to Cabo Bobs (that’s  a $20 value for those of you not so mathematically inclined).  We will hold a secret ballot taste test contest after Saturdays 10 AM workout at 11:15 PM.  Anyone who would like to be tasters/voters are welcome to come out (or stick around).  For all you chili chefs out there see below for the rules:

1. No Beans
2. No added sugar
3. No Grains or grain products
4. No Milk products (specifically sour cream, or cheese.)  Real butter, and/or eggs are acceptable.
5. You must bring a recipe with your Chili to verify ingredients, and also to share with your fellow Awesomites!

Again the prize is basically a $20 gift certificate to the Cabo Bobs, and knowing you’re the greatest Chili chef in Travis county. For those of you unfamiliar with Cabo Bobs, they are located 500 E. Ben White.  Their menu includes many paleo friendly salad and bowl options, and they are currently working with Tristy to create a specific Paleo option/menu!

Find more info at their website here: