Congratulations Turkeys!

The Tour De Turkey Challenge came to a close this morning with the final workout of the competition.  All 6 teams showed up and proved how hard they have been working over the past 3 weeks!!  There were epic portions of heart, team spirit and determination shown in the early morning hours at CFA!  The winners of the challenge are:

Women’s Division:

1st Place:  Team Lady Plankstas (Dayna Lowke, Josie Wilson, Laura Gale/Coach Tristy)
Total Time: 11:22
2nd Place: Team Walkerttes (Julie Kimball, Jessica Villarreal, Michele McLendon/Coach Walker)
Total Time: 12:56
3rd Place: Team BTY “Better Than Yesterday” (Tasha Gabriel, Janice Trinidad, Chapel Ham/Coach Rob)
 Total Time: 14:27

Men’s Division:

1st Place:  Team Power Tower (Chaz Darling &  Charlie Koehn/Coach Boone)
Total Time: 12:00
2nd Place: Team Old Dutch Ninja Hobos (Alex Gale & Mikey Muna/Coach Wes)
Total Time: 13:44
3rd Place: Team Lanimal (Lane Lowke & Dan Morice/Coach Blake)
Total Time: DNF