Goodbye Coach Rob…We will miss you!

On Saturday, the CrossFit Austin community lost one of our best.  Coach Rob and his family moved to Oklahoma City.  Out of respect for Rob’s wishes, we did not make any kind of announcement about his departure before he left.  However, the staff here at CFA did want to say our goodbyes and give everyone else a chance to say “goodbye” or post your favorite Rob Wykoff story in the comments.  Rob will be missed more than we can say!  He has been an invaluable part of CrossFit Austin, and we want to Thank him so very much for all that he has given to make our community what it is.

“When Rob first started at CFA, a group class meant you were lucky if you had one other person besides Boone or I to work out with. So it was always a treat when Rob came in and we knew that there was going to be an hour of good times and laughs amidst a long day. Just like today, Rob’s enthusiasm was contagious and he was always the first to make you feel at ease and welcomed at CFA. So, Roberto we’re sad to see you go, but wish you all the best in OKC. Thank you for being here for all the “firsts” at CFA, and don’t ever forget how much better at burpees you are than Boone. I hope you always consider CFA your “home” gym, because you’ll always be family to us!” -Coach Wes

“Haha. For some reason, most of my memories of Rob involve drinking… Shirtless shot/burpee contests at Dogwood, Jello shots at house parties, passing out at 10am at ACL. Wherever Rob is, a good time is sure to follow… but with all that partying, somehow the dude manages to be an amazing athlete. I still remember the first time kicked up in a handstand and did a full HSPU, that was a damn good day Rob – I’ll always remember that. You’ll definitely be missed brother. Have fun in Oklahoma for us, and cheer on the Thunder. Kevin Durant and his minions are the best thing in that god-forsaken state (besides the forthcoming Wykoffs). Be safe, have fun, and don’t be a stranger. You’ll always have a home here in Austin and especially at CFA.”  -Coach Boone

“I honestly can’t remember the first time I met Rob…I just feel like I have known him forever.  I really can’t imagine a time when I haven’t known Rob and benefited from his wisdom and advice.  When Rob came to CFA, our community here was instantly elevated to a whole new level!  As an athlete, he constantly challenged others around him and made us all want to work harder and be better.  His desire to constantly improve and strive to be the best coach and athlete he could be was always an inspiration to me.   As a coach, he has been a relentless source of motivation, encouragement and fun!  He had an uncanny ability to push you to do a few more reps when you had convinced yourself that you had nothing left.  His booming voice is as legendary as his constant teasing, his infectious smile and his lack of creativity with his wardrobe.  OKC has no idea what they are in for…but I know all too well what we have lost as I say goodbye to my workout partner, my colleague and most of all, my friend!  Austin TX and CrossFit Austin will never quite be the same.  Best of luck to my good friend, Rob and his beautiful family!”  -Coach Tristy

“Rob was one of the first people I met back in the original days of CFA. We would battle it out during WODs in the AM open gym days of old school CFA. I think we served to push each other and I feel I am a better athlete today because working out along side of him. I later had the opportunity and honor to compete along side him in the 2010 Sectionals and with him as a teammate in the 2010 Regionals. It was a great experience and a great time, being glad to have such great company. Rob is a great athlete, competitor and person. I am glad to call him a friend and wish him the best in his move to OKC.”  – Coach Blake

Things I love about Rob:
His superior coaching

That you can hear him coaching from the next room
He knows where to get the best margaritas
When he stands in for my big brother and offers me advice or a hug
When he stands in for my dance partner
That I can do more pull ups than him
When he does burpees…in public…in costume
When he hikes his shorts up to do a lift when demo-ing

Things I hate about Rob:
He roots for the Yankees

The way he and Tow Matt d-ck around in the back of my class
His butterfly pull ups
He’s better looking than me
The stupid way he writes an “E” on the white board
When he picks on me when I workout in his class
That he makes everything look easy, from WODs to fatherhood
That he’s leaving 🙁 -Coach Walker

“Robby Rob!  I remember when I first met you. I had heard about you but I don’t think I was prepared to really meet “The Rob Wykoff.” It was a Saturday morning workout and you introduced yourself to me. You had me laughing immediately on the 400 m warm-up run and even though I was still fairly new to the gym, you made me feel like I had been there for years. From that day on, I was always excited to see you and workout with you. Those times were few and far between but when I did see you, you never disappointed me. You brought something different to the class (as a coach and athlete) and had a way of making classes fun. You were always encouraging and knew what to say (even through jokes or little jabs) to motivate me. I will miss you and what you brought to CFA but I know you guys will do great in OK! I may already be getting jealous as I don’t want another crossfit to be blessed with a Rob Wykoff. We lost a great coach, athlete, and friend but you will always be apart of this little CrossFit community! Love you, R. Wykoff (strictly platonic, of course!)” -Coach Leigh