Proudly Announcing New General Manager Adrienne Rampaul


We’re excited and proud to announce that we’ve promoted Adrienne “Power Ade” Rampaul to General Manager of CFA operations! Ade has impressed us from  day one with her tireless work ethic and enthusiasm and she’s  already been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to make CFA a better place for our coaches and clients.  Below you’ll find a message from Ade that perfectly describes who she is and why we’re so excited to expand her influence at CrossFit Austin. – Wes and Boone

A Note to my CFA Peeps….
During the summer, I get toads and frogs in my yard. I think it’s because I’m one of the few houses on the block with a sprinkler system. Every summer, my nutcase dog Cooper will run into the house like a wild horse (who put a nickle in him!?), foaming at the mouth.

That’s the tell; the foam.

He’s got one.

The poor frogs that love the water in my yard should start a committee that warns other frogs about Cooper. “He’ll snatch you up and keep you in his mouth. He’ll bring you into the house and, if you’re a lucky frog, he’ll spit you out and patiently wait for you to give off sign of life.”

The first time it happened, the frog was dead. I opened Cooper’s mouth and took out a lifeless frog. My heart sank.  What did I do? I put him in a paper bag and set it on the countertop determined to bury him the following morning. What felt like 10  minutes later, the paperbag was jumping around on the countertop. What the hell? ZOMBIE FROG!!

Smart frog: Play dead.

Now, when Cooper brings in a slimy creature, I’ve told myself the best thing to do is fill the sink with water and place it in there to bring down it’s stress level and allow life to refill those green veins. (*I don’t claim to know that’s the best thing to do. Nor do I know if their veins are actually green… but this is MY story).

“Really Adrienne?!” Is what I’ve been scolded by housemates in the past…

My answer: Yes, really.

Here’s the thing. If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I’ve always had a passion for helping others (creatures and humans alike – call me a hippie if you want). Helpless frog needs a soothing pool of water? Done. Volunteer with Easter Seals for the weekend to provide a kickass weekend ‘camping’ experience to the campers? There.

It’s only in the last 5 years that I’ve honed into this characteristic and realized that my purpose is to serve. And leadership is my avenue.

I’ve spent my last 8 years in leadership with 2 organizations (one in San Diego, one here in Austin). I had the honor of leading a staff ranging from 10-30. To me, leadership is not a rank. Leadership is not a position.  Leadership is a decision. Leadership is a choice. It has nothing to do with your position in the organization. If you decide to look after the people to your left, if you decide to look after the people to your right, you have become a leader. At CrossFit Austin, there are leaders all around. It’s in our community. It’s in our coaches.

There’s nothing that I want more than to feel that my work matters and for those who want to inspire others to feel the same; to strive to bring out the best in others. I believe in the ripple effect; people follow passion. Passion is energy. Pay it forward.

I take coaching very seriously in that I want nothing more than for each of you to gain. Gain what? Well, that varies from class to class, athlete to athlete. Be it movement quality, mental strength, muscle mass, stress relief…

CrossFit Austin has been a family to me since I walked through the bay door January of 2013. Starting as a client,  growing into a coach… I’m honored to be a part of the team where I’m surrounded  by other leaders and I can raise the bar (pun intended) with each accomplishment of every one of you. Coaching is a phenomenal platform for helping others achieve.

Thanks for a great year so far as a client and coach – here’s to the struggles, fights, failures and wins in 2014!