Strength Tests Overview

Tests 2 & 3
1 RM Power Snatch
1 RM Front Squat @ 30X0

Wednesday 4/9

What kind of test:
Front Squat – Maximal Strength or Force
Power Snatch – Speed or Velocity

What to expect:
The only thing out of the ordinary may be the tempo of the front squat. We like this because it gives us a better “control” test which ensures greater accuracy in the test/retest process.  By controlling the variable of tempo we get a more accurate picture of the specific improvement made over our training period.

What is the Goal:
The Front Squat and Power Snatch represent the ying and yang of the force velocity curve.

When we look at the generic term of “strength” there are many attributes to account for. However to simplify you can separate your strength abilities into two categories maximal strength and speed. Max strength will be obtained when you apply the most force as possible into the bar and maximal speed is achieved when apply the most velocity to the bar. Additionally we’re able to test the anterior posterior balance in an athlete with these two lifts. The front squat is primarily powered by our anterior chain, while the primary movers in Power Snatch make up the posterior chain.  Lastly, both movements demand great joint range of motion. For the Front Squat hip, ankle, and thoracic mobility are very important while external rotation in the shoulder and good hamstring length define a great power snatch. These additional mobility demands give us a few more areas to attack when look at improving over the next 6 weeks.   So to wrap things up, as coaches we will get a robust picture of our athletes strength abilities with these two test which will carry over to many other strength movements we utilize on a daily basis.

-Coach Wes