Strength+Beauty Success Story

Congratulations to Jessica “Shug” Sanchez (and all the other September Challengers) for completing the 1st Strength+Beauty Challenge at CFA!

4.1% Body Fat Lost * 13.6 Pounds Lost * 12.5 Total Inches Lost

“It’s been amazing and really eye opening. It is crazy how much our bodies are addicted to sugar. During week 1 you are like an addict feigning for just a little sugar. Strength+Beauty is perfect for anyone looking to push themselves or need the added accountability of working out with a group. Alex has been amazing in answering any questions and knowing when you need a little push to get through the workouts.

I knew S+B would help me lose some weight, but the nutritional knowledge I have gained from both Alex and the women in the group has been priceless. I like to think of S+B as part-challenge, part-nutritional knowledge, and part-therapy. You really get a sense of why you are reaching for the food you are eating and which triggers lead to some not-so-healthy choices. With that knowledge in your nutrition arsenal, you are better prepared for the “curve balls” life throws at you. I’m currently down 13.6lbs, eating yummy foods, not feeling sluggish and foggy brained! I only wish we had S+B sooner”  Jessica “Shug” Sanchez

*Read more about Shug’s experience here.

There are only a few spaces left in the last Strength+Beauty Challenge of the year!

The Challenge kicks off on Sunday (10/14) – so hurry and reserve your spot!

You can learn more about this incredible program here.