Super Sunday!!

So before we move forward into February lets do a quick recap of January….

We attacked our goats last month and made some significant progress. Some of the highlights being Rob and Stacy both stringing multiple kipping pull-ups together, and everyone making significant improvements in there chosen area of weakness.  The lowlight being the fact that I still have an appalling beard and continue to look ridiculous.

Also as a whole, we took on the task of improving our flexibility and range of motion.  I can definitely see the difference, the efficiency and range of motion has improved markedly in the WODs over the past month. We will continue to address ROM issues in our classes post WOD.  However if you feel like flexibility is a major issue personally I offer you, the couch series from  San Francisco CrossFit.


And of course all you need for our contract relax hamstring stretch is a towel or jump rope.  All of these stretches can be performed in the comfort of you own livingroom and should be done 2 to 3 times a day for maximum results. 

Now on to February!!! 

If you haven’t been in for the ever popular, Saturday morning announcements with Boone and Wes then I will bring you up to speed.  

Next Saturday we will be holding Saturday morning workout at 7 AM instead of the usual 10 AM. Austin is lucky enough to host this years “CrossFit Affiliate Gathering”.  The conference starts at 9 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Boone and I will be attending, so save downtown for Saturday night and set your alarms nice and early on Saturday. You might learn a few things from the guest coaches we’ll have in gym during the gathering. 

Next, we will be taking a field trip to Town Lake on February 14th check out the details HERE or navigate to events section on the right hand of the screen. Sweatin with your Sweetheart is going to be a damn good time.  

Finally put the 21st down on you calendar as well.  Shane and Tristy have graciously volunteered there home for a Potluck late lunch and nutrition lecture.  Again see the details HERE or navigate over to the events section. 

That’s all I’ve got for now, enjoy the big game!!