The Circle of Awesomeness Community

Last year was the first year we included an online community page into Circle of Awesomeness Challenge, and it was hands down the best addition we’ve ever made.  Being active on the COA facebook page seemed to go hand in hand with great results. Which is why we are expanding the online resource and adding more in person group interaction.  Below is a rundown of some of the most common ways folks helped each other out during last years challenge.


Almost daily someone would post a comment that sounded something like this “I’m really craving/want a (fill in the blank with your biggest vice) right now! Which was followed immediately by 10+ comments of encouragement not to cave.  Never underestimate a little daily positive encouragement.

Delicious Recipes 

If anyone ever says there is not anything good to eat on “Paleo,” then they haven’t met any of our 2012 COA Challengers.  Every week challengers posted recipes, links, and advice on ways to make “healthy eating” not only nourishing for the body, but  pleasing to the palate. When changing habits its important to have “wins” or small positive experiences.  Making a delicious healthy meal and being able to partake in a variety of those healthy delicious meals are encouraging “wins”  that keeps you moving through the daily challenges.

Shared Success

Changing the way you eat, or changing deep seeded habits is intimidating, or at worse, seems completely insurmountable.  Seeing others struggle and succeed with the same challenges you’re facing gives you hope. In the end hope is the most powerful weapon we all have, it makes the impossible attainable. So, I’ve included some of the success of last years challengers below. If you participated in last years challenge, I encourage you to scroll back through our Facebook group and see some amazing, inspiring, and even hilarious stuff that happened in 2012!

I cheated a couple times last week, sometimes not on purpose. Day two, week two going strong. Yay! When ever the cravings hit, i shovel veggies in my mouth. It’s getting easier.

I didn’t know what sugar cravings were until I stopped eating it! Found a yummy substitution though. Put some raw almond butter on a plate, top with blue berries and toss it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Perfection!

Seriously, I wish my sweet co-workers would stop handing me candy and cookies! I’ve turned them all down so far. Today we should get extra points for saying no! Happy V-Day Challengers! We. Can. Do. This.

Well, I tried to cheat this morning and have a diet Pepsi. You know what? Tasted like sh#t. I guess that transition is official…

My body keeps getting smaller but I keep lifting heavier and heavier weights? I don’t get it, but I like it 🙂

Man, I feel great. No cravings for sweets at all. The homemade food I’m eating on the Challenge is better than most restaurant meals I’ve eaten

Back comfortably into my size 6 jeans. Yay, 2012 Awesomeness!

Since the challenge started I’ve gained 7 pounds and reduced my body fat measurement 0.1%. I’d call that a win. #strengthprogramworks

Officially lost 15.3 pounds during the challenge! The majority was from the waist region, the rest was from my face when the beard was trimmed.

I lost 10lbs! But that isn’t even the best part, I lost 10.4% body fat!!!!!! I can’t believe it! Thank you to all the coaches and to all of you for the support. I am so grateful for CFA!