Tips for the Open: Coach Miguel

Coach Miguel took the time to sit down and write out some very helpful hints for everyone who is gearing up for the Open WOD’s.  Miguel is an experienced competitive CrossFitter, so all of these recommendations come from years of experience and experimentation.

1. Take care of yourself
Foam roll daily! I can’t say it enough how much foam rolling daily has changed the game for me within the past 3 months. Take the initiative to be proactive with your body and not be forced to be reactive to injuries. Drink plenty of water. This will keep your body hydrated and keep your muscles fluid and moving well. Eat the right foods. If you truly want to test your fitness in the open, then treat it as such and provide your body the fuel it deserves. Good veggies, quality meats and some starches to recover.

2. Movement Prep
Kelly Starret and Carl Paoli do a great job at providing information on movement specific prep. I can also guarantee that every single coach in the gym can provide you tips for specific mobility and stability prep pieces to prepare for each week’s workout. Don’t wait until 10 minutes before the workout to take care of tight shoulders and immobile hips. Handle your biz NOW!

 3. Listen to your coach
Your coach, whoever it may be has most likely studied this workout from every angle possible and knows which way is best for YOU to attack it. We’re all built differently and will attack the workouts accordingly. Your coach will know what you should do and you should listen to them.

4. Wear blinders
The Open has to be the BIGGEST mental challenge of the entire CrossFit Games season. First will come the anticipation of the workout and the clicking of refresh as 7pm on Wednesday approaches. Soon thereafter will be the constant update of the leaderboard. Then will be the chatter at the gym regarding who did what, when, where and why. Above all this you MUST put blinders on. YOU must do the best YOU can do weekly because that is all that matters. It will be difficult, but the most torture comes from speculating what everyone else is doing and second guessing your own strategies or performance. If you put blinders on you will win every time, because it will be you vs. you.

 5. Have fun!
The Open is a time to have fun. Partake in the festivities, get sweaty and then enjoy some BBQ. It can become very stressful, but if that happens, adjust your frame of reference and realize that your ability to workout is a blessing. You should be competitive, and you should definitely be focused, but don’t let it get in the way of having fun with it!