Welcome New Members!

We had our own CFA March Madness this year with all the new members coming in! In case you haven’t had the chance to meet them yet, we wanted to take a moment to introduce the newest members in the Circle of Awesomeness…

Melissa Russell Natalie Carroll Alyson Kempton Rachel Mason Jeff Kolb
Tanya French EJ Rathburn Jennifer Sandoval Todd Decker Sam Foreman
Damon O’Gan JW Warr Parnell Springmeyer Anthony Ornelas Fran Lyon
Eric Rodriguez Melanie Figg Johanna Nevares Connor Naddef Dylan Jenson
Janet Harris Lee Seidlits Stormye Jackson Stephen Duffy Michelle Head
Jamey Whitlock Heather Murray Lauren Broussard Lindsey Waddell

Welcome, new members! We’re so happy to have you here!

*If you are a new member and haven’t had your picture taken, please talk to Caitlyn!