WOD 10/12

Clean and Jerk


OVHD Squats (PVC)

We improve ourselves by victories over ourself. There must be contests, and you must win.
-Edward Gibbon

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-For those of you that can’t make it to the seminar tomorrow here are some links get you going for the challenge:
Paleo Basic Overview
List of Foods to eat on the Challenge
Paleo Recipes
The How, Why, and some motivation (read through the comments as well)
and watch todays video!

AM Results
Mike 6:13 Rx
Lyzz 5:47 Rx
Rob 3:33 Rx
PM Results
Julie 6:30 Rx
Claire 4:36 Rx
Jessica G 4:06 Rx
Jessica H 4:59 Rx
Blake 4:21 Rx
Bill 7:21 Rx
Tristy 3:56 Rx
Aaron 5:08 Rx
Courtney 5:31 Rx
Andrew 3:37 Rx
Winner 5:21 Rx
Big Matt 4:42 Rx
Chris 5:21 (Box Squats)
Betsy 3:49 Rx
Pato 3:02 Rx
Boone 3:42 Rx
OJOE 4:11 Rx
Louis 3:17 Rx
Kirk 4:00 Rx
Stacey 3:07 Rx
On Ramp
Darlene 7:55
Chet 3:55
Matt M. 5:51
Aubrey 6:09
Zach 5:57