WOD 10/13

Level 2

Handstand and Handstand Push-ups


20 Minute AMRAP:
400 M Run
10 DB Push Press
10 DB Hang Squat Clean
M: 55 lb, W: 35 lb
*Time Recorded

Level 1 (Day 9)


A1. Hip Snatch (Power or Full) x2x3
B1. Deadlift x3x3 Rest 1:00
B2. RPU/Dips x2-4×3 Rest 1:00
C1. Step-ups x5x3 Rest :45
C2. Kip Pull-ups x4-6 x3 Rest :45

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.Walt Disney

5 Great Lessons
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– Our Fall Fit Fest & Fundraiser is this Saturday! In addition to celebrating our new space, this event will also be a fundraiser for the American Red Cross of Central Texas and the recent victims of the Central Texas fire disaster. Sign yourself and your friends and family up here for the free workouts. More details can be found onfacebook or on our website.
– – Sunday Yoga w/ Colleen has been cancelled for the next few months. Classes will resume when Colleen is able to return post-Baby Legge.
– – – Want to volunteer at the Fall Fit Fest & Fundraiser? Sign-up sheets are posted in the gym or you can contact one of the staff members! We’re looking for people to sign up for 1-hour blocks of time between 12p-4p to help out with activities! Let us know if you’re interested. See you there!

New tank tops are here!

Level 1 – AM
Eric S
Chris S
Beard S
Colin S
Valyn S
Christina S
Kavi 4 (35lb)
Mike 4 (45lb)
Jay 5 (25lb)
Mikey 5 (35lb)
Beast 3 (20lb)
JV 5 (15lb)
Janice 5 (15lb)
Jewels 5 (15lb)
Bekah 5 (20lb)
Tow Matt 5 (35lb)
Cody 4 (Rx)
Can2 4 (40lb)
Yoon Sin 5 (15lb)
Coy 4 (20lb)
Clapper 4 (40lb)
Peter 4 (35lb)
Jables 5 (20lb)
Cynthia 5 (8lb)
Gilbert 6 (40lb)
Level 1-PM
Cory S
Chris S
Bones S
Alonzo S
Grey Beard S
Margarita S


Brenda S
Lamar S
Katie S
Gary S
Jonathan S
Level 2-PM
Dan 4 (35lb)
Carissa I
Randy 4 (35lb)
Jeanette 5 (15lb)
Winner 5 (15lb)
Jeff 4 (35lb)
David 4 (40lb)
Kaz 4 (40lb)
Geno 3 (Rx)
Elena 5 (12lb)
AG 4 (45lb)
Sleeves 5 (Rx)
Crash 4 (15lb)
Christy 5 (20lb)
Amy 4 (15lb)
Jewels 6 (15lb)
Ryan 4 (35lb)
Lance 4 (40lb)