WOD 10/14

All Levels
A1. Barbell Front Rack Reverse Lunges x3/legx5 rest :90
A2. RDLs x6x5 @ Rest :90
*Same weight on Reverse lunges and RDLs


4 Rounds:
5 Strict Chin-ups
5 Step-ups/leg
5 Strict Toes to Bar
200 M Run
*Total time recorded

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– Our Fall Fit Fest & Fundraiser is TOMORROW!! In addition to celebrating our new space, this event will also be a fundraiser for the American Red Cross of Central Texas and the recent victims of the Central Texas fire disaster. Sign yourself and your friends and family up here for the free workouts. More details can be found onfacebook or on our website. Hope to see you there!
– – Sunday Yoga w/ Colleen has been cancelled for the next few months. Classes will resume when Colleen is able to return post-Baby Legge.

Go, MegO, Go!

Am Results
Erica 8:50 P
Mego 10:52 P, KR
Michele 12:01 P, KR
MG Jenny 12:01 P, KR
Jackie 10:14 P, KR
Teenie 10:14 P, KR
Ginger 10:34 P, KR
Valyn 10:34 P, KR
Ballet 7:58 Rx
Geno 6:43 Rx
Paddy 8:17 KTE
Marco 9:26 RR, KR
Kirk 6:48 Rx
Peter 9:33 P, KR
Kavi 9:32 P
Ray 6:25 Rx
Dayna 7:15 Rx
L.V. 9:34 P, KR
Chapel 10:09 RR, KR
Kim 9:07 RR, KR
Jenny 9:18 P, KR
Danny 6:19 Rx
Mikey 7:30 Rx
Randy 10:14 P
Jaime 12:31 RR, KR
Thurst 7:35 Rx
Heather 7:37 P, KTE
Mer 9:18 RR, KR
Jess 10:02 P, KR