WOD 10/18

Level Two
A. Hip Clean + Hang Clean & Jerk x2+1×5 Rest :45
B. In 15:00, work to a heavy (but not max) 3 in the Front Squat
C1. Back Squat x6x4 @ 80% Rest :30
C2. Alligator Chops 10/10/10/10 x 4 Rest :60
D. Accumulate :60 Fingertip Hang

Level One (TEST DAY)

Hang Clean

A1. Deadlifts x2x10 (Build weight up each round, as needed)
A2. DB Weighted Step-up x8/Leg x3
*Step-ups after every 3rd round of Deadlifts
*Record 2 RM DL, 8 RM weighted step-ups

Get off your feet when you eat
*Post thoughts to comments

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson

Liz's Grace at 105lb

AM – Level 1
Erich S
Brooke S
The King S
AM – Level 2
Mikey S
Ivan S
Nicole S
Janice S
Zac S
Alex S
Leah S
Guthrie S
Jessie S
Ryan V S
Schittone S
Michael S
Michele S
Jeff S
Derek S
Ray S
AM – Ladies’
Walker S
Caitlyn S
Jenny S
MegO S
Taylor S
12P – Level 1
Kyley S
Avtar S
Anne S
Snick S
The Answer S
Linzi S
Dixie S
Caroline S
Jonathan S
PM – Level 2
Shug S
Kevin S
Ed S
Sanchez S
Gil S
Pam S
Fro S
Mrs. Fro S
Gwar S
Parnell S
Gabriel S
Jackie S
Blake S
Dayna S
Nic S
Lane S
E-Rod S
Gary S
Kaz S
Evil S
Wade S
Patti S
C2 S
Elena S
PM – Level 1
Dakota S
Daby S
Eugenia S
Twin S
Amanda S
Javier S
Big Easy S
Valerie S
Ruben S