WOD 10/2

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
:30 Static Hang w/Chin over bar
(Chest to bar if possible, Fraction/Weight as needed)

Competition 1
Max seconds of a Handstand Hold
Max second of a Static Hang w/ Chin over the bar
*All teammates work at the same time
*Score= Total accumulated seconds/team

Competition 2:
Max Lunge steps in 5 Minutes (hands on ears)
*One teammate works at a time
*Score= total Lunge steps

Competition 3:
AMRAP in 20 Minutes
2 Power Cleans (135 lb, 95 lb)
50 M Sprint
*One teammate works at a time
*Score=Total completed rounds

Lowest score wins, final score decided by combining placements in each competition.

Nothing happens unless first we dream. -Carl Sandburg

-Our lost and found box will be emptied on Sunday, October 10th!  Please look through it and take your belongings:)
-Ladies Night is coming up again this Monday, October 4th.  We will be meeting at 7:30pm at Red Table Coffee at 6000 S. Congress Suite 106.  See you all there!
Watch Coach Chad, Nugget, Wes, and Team Snatchasaurus Rex compete in the USAW/CF Meet this weekend HERE
Nugget lifts @ 10 AM
Chad lifts @ 3 PM
Wes lifts @ 3 PM

Teams Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Total
Winner & “G” 215 198 39 452
Walker & Erik 315 169 43 527
Alex & Kirk 251 174 40 465
Stephanie, Kristin & Anthony 293 183 36 512
Christy & L.G. 283 162 39 484