WOD 10/28

All Levels WOD

Lift off + Clean Deadlift x3+2×5 Rest 3:00
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*Practice Jump Rope skills during rest


15 Minutes AMRAP:
10 Goblet Squats
10 Double unders
10 Steps-ups /leg
1 Gasser (50 yards, down)
*Rounds recorded

All know the way, few actually walk it. – Bodhidharma

How to be a person of action
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**Please email your best push-up man photo to tristy@crossfitaustin.com as soon as possible!!**
– Caitlyn wants to take your picture so we can see each of your smiling faces in our system. So, the next time you’re in the gym, stop by her desk or email her a picture!
– – Monday is Halloween!!! You know we won’t pass up an opportunity to throw on a costume, so come get your freaky/fancy/scary/funny/awkward on with us while doing the day’s WOD!
– – – Team Traverse Parkour has started teaching 11:30am Saturday Parkour Classes at CFA! To learn more about classes and sign up, click here.

Go, Ty, Go!

AM Results
Michele 7
Mego 5
Erica 9
Maggie 7
Valyn 7
Shaneiac 6
Rob 10
Ballet 9
Dillard 10
Chris 8
Mikey 10
Eric 10
Monique 10
Paddy 9
Ray 10
Bryan 9
Cynthia 6
Tristy 7
Danny 8
Anita 6
Meredith 7
Macaroni 6
Thurst 7
Jorge 7
Cody 10