WOD 10/4

Level 2

A1. Box Squats x2x6 @ 22X0 85-90% Rest 1:00
A2. Horizontal Ring Rows x4-6×6 rest 3:00
B1. Front Rack Reverse Lunges x5/legx3 rest :45
B2. Face Pulls w/ Band or Rings x10-12 rest :90
C. Palloff Press x15/sidex2 rest :45

Level 1 – (Day 5)

Ring Dips

4 Rounds:
3:00 on /  1:00 off
10 Wall Balls
10 Tic-Tacs
200 M Run

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Soda Alternatives
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– Mark your calendars!!! We will be celebrating the opening of our new space with a “Fall Fit Fest.”
This event will also be a fundraiser for the American Red Cross of Central Texas and the recent victims of the Central Texas fire disaster. Sign yourself and your friends and family up here for the free workouts. More details can be found on facebook or on our website. *Those interested in attending Barbells for Boobs will be able to do both – we promise!

AM Level-1
Cynthia 4+ (6lb)
Michele 4+ (6lb)
Chris 4+ (14lb)
Elizabeth 4+ (10lb)
Valyn 4+ (6lb)
Lance 8 (14lb)
Mark 4+ (14lb)
AM Level-2
9am S
Can2 S
Erica S
Kristin Fr 5.75 Rx (103)
Michael S
TowMatt S
Walker S
MegO S
Bryan S
Patty S
L.V. S
Peter S
Jenny S
Dayna Thur
Noon Level I
Brenda 4+ (6lb)
PM Level 2
Elena M 3:04 (50lb)
Danny S
Kirk S
Jerry M 2:40 (145lb)
Carissa S
Ryan S
Ross S
Uzi S
Fro M 3:15 (165lb)
Schittone S