WOD 10/8

Level Two
A. In 20 Minutes work to a Challenging 3 in the Hang Clean and Jerk and Weighted Pull-up
B1. Deadlift x5x2 @ 85%-90%, x5x3 @ 95% Rest :00 (no rest)
B2. 200 yard Sled Sprint x 5 Rest :90

Level One (TEST DAY)

Jump Progression Review
KB Swing Russian to OVHD

1 Mile Time Trial

Front Plank Test

Reasons for your worsening stomach problems on a paleo/ low-carb/ ancestral/ gaps/ etc. diet
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“I think the way to become the best is to just have fun.” – Shaun White

AM – Level 1
Gabriel 8:17
The King 7:30
Raj 9:37
AM – Level 2
Mikey 185lb 15lb
Styx 100lb 10lb
Jessie 50lb (1 BW)
JV 75lb (2 BW)
Janet 70lb 3 (MOD)
Mike 155lb 30lb
Sean 145lb 35lb
Tim 195lb 25lb
Guthrie 160lb 20lb
Melissa 105lb (MOD)
Eileen 70lb (RR)
Mitch 140lb 25lb
Jackie 65lb (MOD)
Bill 125lb (MOD)
Tow Matt 155lb (MOD)
Brad 175lb 57lb
AJ 125lb 35lb
Ballet 125lb 20lb
Michael 155lb 30lb
Ray 137lb 55lb
12 PM – Level 2
49er 105lb (3 BW)
Aaron 135lb (3 BW)
Mer 80lb (MOD)
PM – Level 2
Liz G 40lb (Blue)
Big Spoon 165lb 30lb
Jennifer S 35lb (Green)
Melissa 70lb (Red)
Dayna 135lb 30lb
Kevin 135lb 20lb
Zac 155lb 55lb
E-Rod 135lb 20lb
Diana 120lb 5lb
Elena 50lb (Red)
Schittone 135lb 55lb
Kaz 135lb 55lb
Shug 75lb (Skill)
Leah 85lb (Skill)
Gil 110lb 55lb
Nic 185lb 85lb
Joe 165lb 80lb
Alyson 55lb (MOD)
Denise 55lb (MOD)
Holly 100lb (MOD)
Desiree 95lb (MOD)
George 115lb 40lb
Missy 55lb (MOD)
C2 55lb (MOD)
Money 85lb (MOD)
Andy 135lb 30lb
Paul 125lb (3 BW)
Marky Marc 125lb 35lb
Clint 135lb 40lb
PM – Level 1
Smitty 7:01
Linzi 7:45
Snider 11:21
Ruben 8:31
Valerie 8:31
Donna 8:06
Angelica 7:55
Kara 8:10
Daby 7:54
Javier 7:29
Frank 9:42
J-Dub 10:48
J-Mo 8:04
Chris 7:01
David I 7:02