WOD 11/1

Level Two
A1. Bench Press x4-6×4 @ 70-75% Rest :60
A2. High Box Jump x3x4 rest :90
B. Squat x10x3 (Set 1: increase 5-10 lbs from last week, Set 2: 95%, Set 3: 90%) rest 2:00
C. DL x4x3 @ 80% Rest 2:00
D. Ab Circuit: Planks, Tic-tacs, Hollow Holds

Level One (Day 5)
Ring Dips

3 Rounds:
2:00 on / 1:00 off 
10 Wall Balls
Front Plank
*With partners, alternate movements
*Record total wall balls

Look back, and smile on perils past. -Walter Scott

Two Paths
*Post thoughts to comments

**Please email your best push-up man photo to tristy@crossfitaustin.com as soon as possible!!**
– Congrats to Coach Blake and Carissa for each taking home a gold medal at the USAPL Lone Star Challenge! Extra congrats to Carissa for breaking the state record in the Squat and Bench Press! 
– – Please send a picture of yourself to caitlyn@crossfitaustin.com or stop by her desk and “say cheese”!

We loved Pippi Longstocking and all of our “guest” appearances for yesterday’s Halloween WOD!

Level 1 – AM
Buck & Kelley 154
Charlie & Lawrence 142
Sarah & Laura 107
Becky & Valyn 150
Melanie & Robyn 120
Level 2 – AM
Ballet S
MegO S
Ty S
Erica S
Elizabeth S
Cindy S
Rhea S
Kavi S
Eric S
Bryan S
Paddy S
Jenny S
Peter S
Level 1 – 12P
Megan/Jorge/Martin 146
Maggie/Shane 130
Anita/Meredith 136
Level 2  – PM
G. S
Betsy S
Amy S
Macaroni S
Crash S
Dan S
Liz S
Jess S
Cody S
Mikey S
Lane S
Dayna S
Michael S
Christy S
Geno S
David Sat. 13:26
Jon S
Tony S
Jerry S
Chapel S
Ryan S
Carissa S
Gilbert S
Turk S
LG Fri. 4.5
Pinkie S
Fro S
Schittone S
Can2 S
Lance Fri 6
Mad Dog S
Kirk S
Megan S