WOD 11/11

Buy In/Cash Out
Chin-up Progression x2 Sets

Make-up/Skill Day
Thunder Thighs
2 Miles of Muscle

Squat Program
Overhead Squat 3×5 @ 3311
Frankenstein Squats 3×5 @ 2113 (Focus on a perfect rack position)
Front Squat 4×6-8 @ 40X0

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom. -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Fat Balancing Act

-CFA will be hosting the Big Dawg Challenge Nov. 13th!  Find out more information
-Post Big Dawg Challenge, join us for the first Pilgrims and Indians Thanksgiving Pub Run November 13th!
Thundercloud Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day!

AM Results  
Tow Matt 9:28
Steve 53lbs, 93lbs
Eddie 53lbs, 63lbs
Ray 84lbs, 104lbs
PM Results  
“G” Squats
Juan Carlos Squats
Colleen 27:20 MOD
Patrick 5:19 Rx
Stefan 85lbs, 105lbs
Aaron 8:31 (45lbs, 12K)
David 7:28 (75lbs, 16K)
Ginger 30:18 MOD
Stephanie 29:16 MOD
LG 73lbs, 88lbs
Chi Mike 6:42 Rx
Kristin 5:33 (25lbs, 12K)
Nugget 18:00 Rx
Kristie 29:46 MOD
Kavi 30:47 MOD
Alex 8:46 Rx
Melly Skill
Anthony 7:15 (55lbs, 16K)
Heinie 73lbs, 107lbs