WOD 11/15

Level Two
A. Press 5-4-3 Rest 2:00 (*Start set of 5 with weight from last week, then move up)
B1. Back Squat x5x5 @ 80-85% Rest :60
B2. Weighted Chin-ups x5-8×5 Rest :90
C. Deadlift @ 80% x5-6×3 Rest 2:00
D. Ab Circuit

Level One (Day 11)
Toes to Bar
Box Jumps

5 Rounds:
5 Box Jumps (Step-Down)
20 Singles
20 Singles
*Total time recorded

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.” – Greg Anderson

Top 12 Tips to Improving Chin-Ups
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– Have you heard about our new classes? We’re excited to now offer Girl Power Classes, Running Classes, and Yoga!
– – From now until 11/22, CFA will have a Holiday Food Drive for the Capitol Area Food Bank. Click here for more information.
– – – The 9:00am Women’s Class on Thanksgiving Day will actually be an All-Levels Co-Ed class. So, just for that day, men can come, too!

Saturday’s WOD had a surprise dance party!

Level 1 – AM
Buck 9:08
Gaddi 8:35
Albert 8:37
Bubbles 9:30
Haley 9:58
Becky 9:40
Sarah 11:18
Kelley 9:52
Level 2 – AM
Erica 13:20 (Mon)
Charlie S
Ballet S
Cindy S
Michele S
Caitlyn S
MegO S
Big Shug S
MG Jenny S
Bryan S
Peter S
Eric S
Paddy S
Girl Power
Chapel 7:36
Anita 6:56
Meredith 6:20
Level 1 – 12P
Josh MOD
Melanie 6:29