WOD 1/12

Level Two
Strength/Make Up Day
A1. Front Squats x4x5 RPE 8-9 Rest :60
A2. Horizontal Ring Rows x12-15×3 Rest :90
B1. RDLs x6-8×3 @ 3111 Rest :45
B2. Push-up x10-12×3 Rest :45
C1. DB Ext. Rot. x12-15/arm @3010 x2 Rest :30
C2. Hollow Rocks x10-12×2 Rest :30
C3. KB Cross Chops x15-20/side x2 Rest :30

Level One (Day 12)
KB Swings

A. Hip/Hang Snatch x2x3 Rest :90
B. Clean x1x3 Rest 2:00
C. DL 3×3 Rest 2:00
D. Back Squat x5x3 Rest 2:00

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Peas and Green Beans
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Level 1 – AM
Celi S
Mike S
Elizabeth D S
JBlack S
Level 2 – AM
Veronica S
Ty S
Jackie S
Brandon S
Beast S
Albert S
Bubbles S
Janice S
MegO S
Charlie S
Kavi S
Erica S
Fro S
Sarah S
Bryan S
Can2 S
Reis S
Ballet S
Haley S
Becky S
Cindy S
Colleen S
Cody S
Danimal S
Liz S
Ray S
Ladies’ – AM
Caitlyn S
Jenny S
Emily S
Coy S
Mer S
Level 1 – 12P
Kiehl S
Katie S
Danielle S
Nikolle S
Robby S
Amy S
Level 2 – PM
Crash S
Shanahan S
Liz CR S
Cody S
Jess S
Danny S
Geck S
Duck S
David S
Betsy S
Heather S
Thurst S
Pinky S
Jables S
Sherman S
Gary S
LG 228 220 228 226 65lb
MLS 243 234 239 238 65lb
Elena WED
Anthony S
Wood S
Leigh I
Stacey I
Darlene I
Paddy Ice S
LaRosa S
Skipper S
Shane I
Miguel I
Greg S
Ross S
Ryan S
Aaron S
Uzzi TUE 19:11 165lb
Level 1 – PM
Elizabeth S
Anna S
Roni S
Lola S
Nic S
Helen S
Shemo S
Gabbi S
Raquel S