WOD 11/8

Buy In/Cash Out
Chin-up Progression x2 sets

Snatch/Clean Skill Work

5 Rounds
3 Snatches
2:00 Rest
*Weighted Recorded
*Increase each round


5 Rounds
1 Clean
2 Front Squats
10 Box Jumps
3:00 Rest
*Weight Recorded  
*Increase weight each round

Above anything else, I hate to lose. -Jackie Robinson

4 Good Running Tips

-CFA will be hosting the Big Dawg Challenge Nov. 13th!  Find out more information here
-Post Big Dawg Challenge, join us for the first Pilgrims and Indians Thanksgiving Pub Run November 13th!

Thundercloud Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day!

AM Results
Mike 85lbs, 125lbs
Andrew N. 65lbs, 75lbs
Rob 115lbs, 195lbs
Melicious 55lbs, 70lbs
Tow Matt 100lbs, 135lbs
Bill 65lbs, 85lbs
Walker 63lbs, 93lbs
LIz 83lbs, 113lbs
Joel MOD
Cat 73lbs, 103lbs
PM Results
Wes 209lbs, 284lbs
Blake 140lbs, 210lbs
David 85lbs, 145lbs
“G” 68lbs, 90lbs
Patrick 140lbs, 205lbs
Boone 150lbs, 185lbs
Chris 135lbs, 175lbs
Christy 45lbs, 75lbs
Stacey 105lbs, 125lbs
Winner 45lbs, 85lbs
Julie 65lbs, 65lbs
Tristy 105lbs, 125lbs
Kristie 55lbs, 80lbs
Aubrey 63lbs, 98lbs
Darlene 65lbs, 80lbs
Carissa 65lbs OS, 105lbs
Skipper 75lbs, 105lbs
Anthony 85lbs, 105lbs
Melly 30lbs, 50lbs
Alex 125lbs, 155lbs
Jerry 153 BS, 135 OS
Kavi 105lbs, 105lbs
Page 135lbs, 205lbs
Zoom 50lbs, 60lbs
Megan 45lbs, 65lbs
Jordan 60lbs, 80lbs