WOD 12/1

5 x Max Rep Handstand Push-ups
(if you have 3 or less add 5 Pike Push-ups to each set)


15 Minutes AMRAP
10 One Armed DB Suitcase Deadlifts (total)
10 One Armed DB Snatches (total)
100 M Run
M=55 lb W=35 lb

There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying. -Francis Bacon

The dark side of “The Biggest Loser”


AM Results
Kirk 9 (20lb)
Mike 9 (35lb)
Jerry 10 (30lb)
Rob 10 (35lb)
Bill 8 (15lb ROM, Row)
Laura 7 (15lb)
Tow Matt 9 (35lb)
Amber 9 (15lb)
PM Results
G 9 (15lb)
Stephen 11 (35lb)
Jables 10 (20lb)
Betsy 11 (20lb)
Claire 9 (15lb)
Big Matt 9 (35lb)
Blake 12 (35lb)
JJ 9 (20lb)
Zach 8 (20lb)
Stacey 10 Rx
Smeth 10 (35lb)
Darlene 4 (7:30, PVC Thrusters, 10lb)