WOD 1/21

Level Two
Test 1 (COA Challenge)
In 5:00, Find A 1 RM DB Power Snatch
*DB Snatches are from the ground

Test 2 (COA Challenge)
In 10:00, Find a 3 RM Front Squat

Test 3 (COA Challenge)
1000 M Row
50 Thrusters (45lb)
30 Pull-Ups
*10:00 Minute Cap

Scaling Options:
Rx: 45lb Barbell, Unassisted Pull Ups
S1: 35lb Barbell, Blue Band Assisted Pull Ups
S2: 15lb Barbell, Jumping Pull Ups

Level One

5 Rounds
1:00 Step-ups
1:00 Burpees
Rest 2:00

Get Your Hands Out of Your Pockets
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“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything.” – John Wooden

Congratulations to all of our athletes who competed in this past weekend's Fittest Games!

AM – Level 1
Carlos 135
Caro 115
Ashlee 50ish
Dustin 201
Ed 142
Amanda 150
Ebelia 159
Silas 130ish
AM – Level 2 1RM DB PS 3RM FS Jackie
Jenny A 35lb TBD [26 PUs (S1)]
Amy H 35lb TBD [14 PUs (S2)]
Michele M 45lb 115lb [18 PUs (S2)]
Taylor M 40lb 105lb 9:49 (S2)
Stephanie P 40lb 115lb 8:37 (S2)
Charlie K 85lb 205lb 8:54 Rx
Kelly J 35lb 105lb [50 Thrusters (S1)]
Jessica V 35lb 115lb [3 PUs Rx]
Jessie H 40lb 95lb [50 Thrusters (S1)]
Eileen E 45lb 105lb 9:32 (S2)
Bradley A 95lb 225lb 7:58 Rx
Jenny M 25lb 95lb 9:08 (S2)
Sarah K 25lb 75lb [18 PUs (S2)]
Janelle L 40lb 125lb [8 PUs Rx]
Can2 90lb 225lb 10:43 Rx
Schmidty 50lb 115lb [11 PUs (S1)]
Jackie 40lb 135lb [17 PUs (MOD)]
Michael 95lb 225lb 8:43 Rx
Gwar 80lb 185lb [5 PUs Rx]
Ken N 70lb 205lb 8:43 Rx
Ballet 70lb 165lb 9:58 Rx
Jeff M 90lb 235lb 9:43 Rx
Valenza 80lb 205lb ? Rx
Kara 30lb 85lb 9:14 (S2)
Walker 45lb 128lb 10:18 (MOD)
Ray 65lb 245lb 8:03 Rx
Melissa K 25lb 55lb 8:50 (S2)
12P – Level 2
Laila 45lb 88lb [17 PUs (S2)]
Leah A 50lb 130lb [15 PUs (S1)]
Mer 50lb 123lb 9:50 (S2)
Jonathan 85lb 185lb 9:22 Rx
Stefani K 20lb 63lb [17 PUs (S2)]
Josie W 40lb 110lb [13 PUs (S2)]
Liz G 25lb 58lb [5 PUs (S2)]
Anne P 25lb 63lb 9:24 (MOD)
MegO 45lb 88lb [4 PUs (S1)]
Patrick 100lb 315lb 5:45 Rx
Dixie 60lb 130lb [50 Thrusters (S2)]
Snick 55lb 135lb [41 Thrusters Rx]
49er 60lb 165lb [15 PUs Rx]
PM – Level 2
Emily 25lb 85lb [15 PUs (S2)]
Dan Morice 80lb 215lb [24 PUs RX]
Dallas 85lb 245lb 9:18 RX
Tristan 50lb 135lb [10 PUs (S2)]
Missy 25lb 128lb 8:48 (S2)
Gary 85lb 190lb [20 PUs RX]
Nic Munoz 100lb 265lb 8:10 RX
Tasha 40lb 105lb [1 PU RX]
EJ Rathburn 85lb 205lb 9:44 RX
Dave Kiehl 65lb 185lb 8:46 RX
Aaron Duran 100lb 265lb 7:09 RX
Cowboy 65lb 165lb [13 PUs RX]
Pamela 40lb 105lb [50 Thrusters(S1)]
Craig 70lb 160lb [12 JPU RX]
Marc Sherman 65lb 175lb [22 PUs RX]
Robert 65lb 215lb [15 PUs 10 JPUs (S1)]
Alex Smith 20lb 85lb [50 Thrusters RX]
Gil Garz 90lb 155lb 8:45 RX
Zac 75lb 205lb 8:454 RX
Gabriel Martinez 90lb 180lb [15 PUs RX]
Clint 80lb 215lb 8:57 RX
Shug 45lb 115lb [2 JPUs (S2)]
George 60lb 175lb [20 PUs ?]
Desiree 55lb 125lb 8:38 S2
Sanchez 75lb 215lb 8:56 RX
C2 40lb 108lb [11 PUs (S2)]
Adrian 70lb 185lb [17PUs RX]
Greg —- 250lb 8:24 RX
Ryan 85lb 215lb 9:46 RX
Ken 70lb 190lb [12 PUs RX]