WOD 12/12

Level Two
Mobility WOD

2 Rounds of 20M (Length of the gym)
Elephant Walks
Spiderman Walks
Bear Walks
Squat Walks w/ MB

Partner WOD
Mile Run
Tire Pull for Distance (45lb, 25lb)
*Each Partner will complete 4 laps, running a 1 lap at a time, while switching from the run to tire pull.
*Record total time and Distance (completed 100M) achieved.
*Distance =
1st Dumpster ~100M
Mid-point on the Back side ~ 200M
2nd Dumpster ~300M
Black Line ~ 400M

Level One (TEST DAY)

Jumping Pull-ups

A1. Press x 3-5 x 5
A2. Jumping Pull-up x3-5 x 5

3 Rounds
8 Ring Rows
20 M Lunge (10 M down and Back)

Myths about high-protein diets
*Post thoughts to comments

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” – W.B. Yeats

Happy birthday, Coach Wes!

AM – Level 1 Press WOD
Kristi 75lb 4:07
Dave 105lb 4:25
Sarah 40lb 4:05
Jillian 55lb 3:13
AM – Level 2
Mikey + George 1400M
Mitch + Mike 1600M
Janice + Rocky 1100M
Jessie + Alex 1700M
Eric H + King 1200M
Marissa 700M
12P – Level 2
Avtar 400M
49er 500M
E-Rod 300M
PM – Level 2
Kavi + Gil 800M
Cat + Kiehler 1800M
Blake + Robert 1300M
Mego + Shug 1200M
Erica + Jeanette 1000M
KT + Melissa + Holly 1400M
Parnell + Sean 1500M
Adrian + Nicole 1400M
C2 + Evil 1300M
PM – Level 1
Snoop 63lb 4:06
Joe 80lb 3:02
Darryl 85lb 3:15
Valerie 45lb 2:49
Ruben 75lb 2:53
Big Easy 105lb 2:22
Jacinda 45lb 3:15
Mustansir 55lb 3:20
Arwa 35lb 3:29
Michelle 55lb 2:57
Justin 105lb 2:42
Jimmy 103lb 3:17
Carlo 125lb 2:31
MNM 165lb 2:47