WOD 12/27

Level Two
A. Hip Snatch + Hang Snatch x1+1 x 7 @ 50-60% Rest :30
B. Deadlift x2x10 @ 50% EMOM
C1. DB Bench x8x3 Rest :30
C2. Hor. Ring Row x8x3 Rest :30

Level One
Kip Swing/Jumping Pull-up

20:00 AMRAP
5 Touch Jumps Touch Interval
5 Tic Tacs/Side (25 lb, 10 lb)
5 Unweighted Step-ups/Leg (20”)
5 Renegade Row (Push-up, Row R, Row L = 1)
5 Box Jumps (20”, 12’’-16”)

Why That Banana or Onion Might Feel Like Three Martinis
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“Remember happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.” -Dale Carnegie

AM – Level 1
Sarah 10
AM – Level 2
Boone S
Duran S
Ivan S
Rocky S
Sparker S
Big Spoon S
Leah S
Mitch S
Schittone S
Bradley S
Ballet S
Tow Matt S
Michele S
Eileen S
Denise S
George S
AM – Ladies’
Josie S
Linzi S
12P – Level 1
G 9
Claire 9
Sam 7
Silas 6
PM – Level 2
Erica S
William S
Can2 S
Wade S
Robert S
Kline S
Everett S
Tara S
Shug S
Smitty S
Sanchez S
Greg V S
Danny S
Marky Marc S
Pam S
Walker S
Jackie S
Adrian S
Gary S
Debbie S
PM – Level 1
Valerie 8
Ruben 7