WOD 12/28

A. In 12:00 Minutes Work up to 80-90% of your split jerk in the Behind Neck Split Jerk

B. 15:00 EMOM
Min 1- 3 OVHD Squats (as narrow as possible) x 5 sets
Min 2 – 5-10 Perfect Push-ups (Super strict form)
Min 3 – Rest
*build up each set in the OVHD squats to a challenging weight

C. “Death by 10m going prone”
*Total rounds recorded

**Start by laying chest down on the ground.
minute 1 –  stand up and sprint 10 meters.
– minute 2 –  stand up and run 10m, lay down, then stand up and run 10m.
– Minute 3 – stand up and run 10m and lay down three times.
Continue until you are not able to complete the allotted number of 10m sprint intervals with the lay downs before the minute is up. Your chest must be on the floor at the start of each minute.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
3 rounds
15 Russian kb swings
25 cal row

Scaling Guide:
9 – 14 rounds

Welcome to the world little Kannon Kimball! We are excited to announce that Wes and Jamie welcomed their son, Kannon, on Christmas Eve! 

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