WOD 12/30

Buy In/Cash Out
Muscle-ups/Muscle-up Transitions 3×5
or assisted Chin-ups work to a total of 12

Make-up/Skill/ Rest Day

Squat Program
A. Dumbell Split Squats 3×10/Leg @ 3030 (Back foot not raised)
B. Back Squat 7×3 @ 30X0
C. Narrow Grip Overhead Squats 3×5 @ 32X2 or Snatch Grip Push Press to Overhead Squat  3×5+5 (Squat @ 32X0)

Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure. We get very little wisdom from success, you know… One who doesn’t try cannot fail and become wise. -William Saroyan

Counterpoint: If you need to attach the word “Paleo” to something, don’t eat it
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Saturday (1/1) 10:00am

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Colleen and Darlene recovering from the Christmas Eve WOD

AM Results
Chaz Squat
Gena Squats
Tannifer Squats
Cat :44, 85 lb
PM Results
Blake Squats
Jeanette 4Rnds+400M+2 swings + 10 (KPU)
Betsy 20:03 (85lbs) 64 Reps
Stacey 19:37 (95lbs) 66 Reps
Patrick :36 (165lbs)
Jables :36 (60lbs)
Turk 6 Rx
L.G. 3 (12K, KPU)
Alex 4 Rx
Cara :38 (45lbs. Sprawls)
Ivan :32 (120lbs)
Kavi :43 (95lbs)