WOD 1/24

Buy In/Cash Out
3×10 Supermans
3×10/arm DB External Rotations

Anaerobic Endurance Test
Thrusters (95lbs, 65lbs)
*Time Recorded
**Scaling Chart will be posted on the whiteboard


Maximal Strength and Power Test
Take 20:00 to find a 1RM Clean
*Weights recorded

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. -Joseph Campbell

Brain Dumping
*Post thought to comments

AM Results
Clean Fran
Page 205lb 6:49 (65lbs)
Elizabeth 40lb 6:19 (35lbs, J)
Andrew 110lb 8:28 (55lbs, J)
Nick 215lb 4:57 Rx
Tall “D” 145lb 7:57 (65lbs, J)
Kirk 185lb 8:34 Rx
Melicious 90lb 7:20 (45lbs, BB)
Blake 215lb 6:33 Rx
Liz 128lb 6:54 (45lbs, BB)
Tannifer 70lb 6:21 (35lbs, J)
Spence 60lb 9:46 (45lbs, GB)
Chris 60lb 7:43 (45lbs, BB)
Ray 165lb 4:42 (75lbs)
Jables 110lb 10:38 Rx
Rob 195lb 5:34 Rx
Juan Carlos 165lbs DNF
Cat 115lbs 4:34 (45lbs, BB)
PM Results
Patrick 235lb 6:27 Rx
David 205lb 6:06 (S2)
Colleen 75lb 6:01 (45lb, Jump)
Betsy 115lb 5:13 Rx
Jeanette 65lb 7:00 (35lb, BB)
G 108lb 7:13 (S1)
Cody 205lb 6:15 Rx
Tasha 90lb 6:20 (S2)
Fro 185lb 6:16 Rx
Sleeves 245lb 5:54 Rx
Kaz 105lb DNF
Stacey 153lb 4:05 Rx
Julie 92lb 5:00 (25lb, Jump)
Christy 90lb 4:28 (S2)
Aaron 155lb DNF
Winner 90lb 11:56 (S1)
Miguel 255lb 5:23 Rx+135lb
Geno 235lb 7:33 Rx
Carissa 123lb 8:52 (S1)
Elena Skill 5:29 (35lb, BB)
Alex 185lb 9:03 Rx
Skipper 125lb 7:22 (S1)
Jen 105lb 7:15 Rx
Prince 155lb 7:54 (75lb, BB)
Darlene 105lb 11:08 (55lb)
Zoom 70lb 10:46 (35lb)
Julie 65lb 7:47 (35lb, Jump)
Cara 65lb 6:50 (35lb, Jump)
Jillian 45lb 6:42 (35lb, Jump)
Kavi 125lb 6:36 (65lb, BB)
Andee 75lb 7:27 (35lb, Jump)
Schittone 140lb 9:48 (65lb)
On Ramp
Aaron 5:40
Mike 5:40
Veronica 7:39
Danielle 7:39
Dain 3:58
Emily 4:32
Charlie 5:15
KodiKay 5:18