WOD 12/9

Buy In/Cash Out
2×10 Narrow Grip Overhead Squats 32×2

Make-up/Skill Day
Huhhh Huuuh HUH Helen
I am a Champion
More 02 for you

Squat Program
Russian Step-ups 3×10/leg (Unweighted)
Bulgarian Split Squats  4×6/leg @ 30X0

People deserve to have strong muscles and bones and ligaments and tendons, etc. AND look good in their undies too! -Allyson Goble (from today’s article)

Muscle Building for the masses

-CFA Anniversary/Christmas Bonanza December 16th, 7 PM!!!
RSVP now so we can get a good head count for BBQ!  If you have signed up or are signing up for the party and are planning to bring a guest that is not signed up, please email tristystep@gmail.com and let us know!  We will need to have an accurate count by December 10th, so please email before that date.

PM Results
Cody 4 Rx
Chris 165lb
Ivan 14:29 Rx
Julie 14:49 (12k, Jump)
Skipper 130lb
Stacey 4 Rx
Jerry 4 Rx
Heine 14:04 (BB)
Alex 11:2 Rx
Debbie 7:42 (jump, 15#)
Aubrey 125lb
Kavi 125lb
Heather 73lb
G 103lb