WOD 1/7

3 Rounds
Max Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Max Box Jumps
Max Sit-ups

*You will have 20 minutes to finish all three rounds today WOD, rest as you see fit in between the max sets.
*A set will be terminated if you rest for more than 2 seconds or come off the bar

Experience tells you what to do, confidence allows you to do it. -Stan Smith

Careful with that self control

Get Mean, Lean, and Clean!
– You’ll have this week to record Rep Maxes for the Squat, Deadlift, and Press
– We will have a “Nutrition Phase” Kickoff Meeting Saturday January 9th, @ 11 AM


AM Results
Mike 297
Jables 92
Betsy 202
PM Results
Dave 129 (Chin)
Winner 167 (Band)
G 167 (Band)
Claire 171 (Band)
Jorden 335 (Band)
Flury 43 (Band)
Stacey 84 Rx
Tristy 76 (Band)
Smeth 91 Rx
Heiny 67 (Band)
On Ramp
Kurt & John 10:08
Alethia 12:45