WOD 2/12

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3 Rounds
15 Toes to Bar
15 Burpees
400 M Run

Try to imagine Pegasus mating with a unicorn and the creature that they birth. I somehow tame it and ride it into the sky in the clouds and sunshine and rainbows. That’s what it feels like. -Graham Watanabe

2 Cokes a week = Cancer

Sweat with your Sweetheart tomorrow at Town Lake! No Saturday morning workout.
– The end of the Lean, Mean, and Clean Nutrition Phase is rapidly approaching, after pictures taken on Saturday February 20th!


Congrats to my lovely sister Jables for getting her first kipping pull-up this week!

AM Results
Kirk 13:05 (KTE)
Mike 14:37 Rx
Cat 14:45 (KR)
Stephen 10:30 (MOD)
Blake 12:38 Rx
Ray 12:44 (KR)
Jerry 11:03 Rx
Elizabeth 12:04 (MOD)
Josh 16:01 Rx
Ariel 16:12 (KR, Sprawl)
Andrew 15:35 Rx
Nugget 9:28 Rx
Bill 11:08 (MOD)