WOD 2/15

Buy In/Cash Out
3×10 DB Ext. Rotations

Make-up Day
7 to 1
Side Bends but no Sit-ups
Clean, Swing, & Jump

Strength Workout
Press Cluster @ 60% rest :40 b/t reps
Squat Cluster @ 60% rest :60 b/t reps
DL Cluster @ 60% rest :60 b/t reps
Alternating Muscle-up/HSPU Cluster rest :60 b/t reps

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. -Thomas Carlyle

Its important to take your walk
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AM Results
Kirk S
Nick S
9am S
Jerry S
Walker F 12:03 Rx
Tow Matt M ~300 (KR, DU)
Alli M 547 (12k, KR, S)
Danielle M ~450 (12k, KR, S)
Kim S
Angela S
Gena S
PM Results
Cat 13:36 (45 lb, B)
Geno S
Sherman 14:42 (75 LB)
Cody S
Liz S
G. S
Patrick S
Colleen 60 lb, 230 (12K, 20″,10 lb)
Fro S
Christy S
Mark S
Blake S
Jordan S
Heather S
Nuggett S
Stacey S
Sleeves S
Kristin S
Darlene S
Carissa S
Chaz S
Jenn S
Leigh S
Veronica S
Jennifer S
Jessica V. S
Skipper S