WOD 2/23

Buy In/Cash Out
3×8 DB Extensions
3×8 Side Bends (One DB)

3 Sets
Powell Raises x10/arm @30×0
Split Squats x10/leg @30×0
External Rotations x6-8/arm @30×0
1:00 Rest
*Transition straight into each movement


7 Rounds
200 M Sprint
7 Russian Swings (24K, 16K)
7 Abmat Sit-ups (hands above head)

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-IT’S TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING AT CFA!  Take your jackets, gloves, water bottles, shirts, pants, shorts, sunglasses, etc. home, or they will be donated to Goodwill.  We will be making donations on February 27th, so you have until the 26th to take it all home.  Jump ropes can stay at the gym, but they need to go on the jump rope rack (if you don’t want your rope mixed with the masses, please take it home.)
-CFA Ladies’ night will be Tuesday, March 1st at 7:30pm at Little Woodrows in Southpark Meadows.
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar.  Here is more information.

AM Results
Mikey 10:20 Rx
Elizabeth 10:22 (12K)
Jennifer 11:28 (20lbs)
Mego 13:56 (12K)
9am 11:40 Rx
Jerry 10:45 Rx+L.M.
C.C. 11:11 (MOD)
Melicious 10:56 (MOD)
Tow Matt 10:09 Rx
Ray 10:02 Rx
Bill 11:30 (MOD)
Kim 10:55 (20lbs)
Angela 10:41 (12K)
Sam 11:11 (16K)
Jillian 11:17 (20lbs)
Amy 15:15 (12K)
Chappy 10:05 (16K)
Ginger 12:53 (20lbs)
Senator 12:38 (16K)
Betsy 9:06 Rx
Jesse 11:41 (20K)
Danielle 10:17 (12K)
Kirk 9:09 Rx+L.M.
J.C. 9:04 Rx
Liz 2770M (Row Test)
PM Results
Tristy 7:58 (MOD)
Patrick 9:04 Rx
Cody 9:15 Rx+32k
David 10:41 Rx
G 11:18 Rx
Ryan 10:15 Rx
Colleen 10:19 Rx
Crash 11:24 (12k)
Zoom 11:24 (12k)
Tannifer 11:12 (MOD)
Cat 11:29 Rx
Tasha 9:53 Rx
Boone 8:30 Rx+32k
Steve 8:45 Rx
Jeanette 12:20 Rx
Mark 14:46 (16k)
Jen 9:18 Rx
Elena 9:31 (12k)
Lana 10:37 (12k)
Prince 12:15 Rx
Debbie 12:55 Rx
Mike 9:56 (20k)
Christy 8:52 Rx
Schittone 9:52 (20k)
Megan 10:39 Rx
Andee 11:20 Rx
Sanjay 11:40 (12k)
Kavi 10:19 (16k)
On Ramp
Randy 3:36
Heidi 3:14
Ross 3:15
Ryan 3:10