WOD 2/4

Morning Classes CANCELED due to weather conditions!! We will be holding a noon class today ONLY!

Buy In/Cash Out
2x :90/Side  Side Planks
2×10-15 Narrow Push-ups

5 Sets
3 Snatch Push Press + 3 OVHD Squats
:30 Rest
6 DB Weighted Box Jumps (20″)
:30 Rest
Supermans 6-8 (Pause 4 seconds in the top)
*Post weights and notes to comments


Deadlifts(225 lb, 155 lb)
Unbroken Burpees
Unbroken Double Unders
*Time recorded

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Chad Vaughn’s Training Invitational on Feb. 12th.  For more information, go here

Noon Results
Jables 6:32 (100lbs, S)
Nugget 4:40 Rx
Alex J. 6:46 Rx + 3reps
Chaz 7:21 (185lbs)
Kirk 8:43 (185lbs)
Blake 7:19 Rx
Betsy 7:12 Rx
Jerry 9:22 (185lbs)
Carissa 7:16 (100lbs, S)
Sleeves 7:11 Rx
Geno 11:07 (185lbs, S)