WOD 2/6

Level Two
Push Press
*appx 70%, RPE 7-8, keep all working sets within 5-10 pounds
*Rest 2:00 Minutes
*Weight recorded


Push-ups (Games standard)
Kip Pull-ups
Wall Balls
*Post Result to comments

Cash out:
Accumulate :60 seconds in an L-Sit Hold in as few as set as possible

Level One (Day 10)

3×500 M Row
Rest 5:00
*Jerk skill practice during rest

We do not err because truth is difficult to see.  It is visible at a glance.  We err because this is more comfortable. – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Sports: Build or Damage
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Level 1 – AM
Jordan 1:49
Dusty 2:12
Faraon 2:04
Matthew 1:50
Adam 1:44
Andrew 2:21
Professor 2:08
Ed 1:54
Eileen 1:58
Level 2 – AM
9AM 100lb
Mikey 125lb
Mike 110lb
Brandon 105lb
Celi 45lb
MegO 65lb
Beast 75lb
Charlie S
Charlie G 130lb
Schittone 130lb
Kirk 125lb
Tow Matt 125lb
Eric 130lb
Colleen 63lb
Becky 60lb
Cindy 55lb
Sarah 45lb
Jackie 63lb
Valyn 60lb
Ballet 17″ 8:26 Rx
Haley 13″ 9:35 Rx
MGJ 85lb
Christina 50lb
Michael 125lb
Level 2 – 12P
Blake 165lb
Cat 75lb
Amy 50lb
Mer 55lb
Ty 60lb
Bryan 105lb
Wood 140lb
Jess 65lb
Level 2 – PM
Clapper 135lb
Heather 65lb
David 95lb
Turk 135lb
Kristin 85lb
Sleeves 175lb
Fro 155lb
Shemo 125lb
Andy 105lb
Jeff 105lb
Jenna 50lb
Elena 50lb
Carissa 70lb
Jordan 70lb
KT 47lb
Helen 35lb
LaRos 55lb
Chrissy 55lb
Lane 135lb
Greg 135lb
Crash 50lb
Geno 175lb
Leah 55lb
Jesse 135lb
Aaron 135lb
Jables 65lb
Nic 135lb
Sherman 155lb
Tasha 55lb
Shug 70lb
Jackson 135lb
Pinkie 57lb
Gary 75lb
Level 1 – PM
Zach 1:43
Paul 2:28
Desiree 2:02
Pam 2:13
Alan 1:56
David 1:48
Denise 2:31
George 2:09
Cooey 2:00
Adrian 1:46
Elizabeth G 2:35
Mrs. Fro 2:12
Peter 1:43
Nicole 2:06