WOD 2/9

Mobility of the Day

Level Two
Strength Day
A. Cleans x3x5 @ 75-80% or 8 RPE Rest 2:00
B. CDL x5x4 @ 55-62% of DL Max Rest 2:00
C1. Front Box Squat x5x3 Rest :90
C2. DB Jerk Unders x5x3 Rest :90

Level One (Day 12)
KB Swing

A. Hip/Hang Snatch x2x3 Rest :90
B. Clean x1x3 Rest 2:00
C. DL 3×3 Rest 2:00
D. Back Squat x5x3 Rest 2:00

The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion. -Nadia Boulanger

Lights Out 
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Level 1 – AM
Matthew S
Mischka S
John S
Mrs. Fro S
George S
Faraon S
Dusty S
Paul S
Level 2 – AM
Beast 93lb, 16S, 16:01
Michele FGB: 263, S2
Ty S
Ivan S
Steven S
Elizabeth S
Albert S
Janice s
Brandon S
Sarah S
Haley S
Cindy S
Erica S
Becky S
MG Jenny S
TowMatt S
Kirk S
Fro S
Can2 S
Albert S
Charlie S
Lane S
Danny S
Christina S
Shemo S
Geck S
Danimal S
Rocky S
Andy S
Michael S
Ray S
Ladies’ – AM
Emily S
Josie S
Trixsi 60lb; :40 (Tuck), 17:39
LV FGB: 206 (S1)
Meg FGB: 220 (S1)
Chapel FGB: 209 (S1)
Coy FGB: 242 (S1)
Level 1 – 12P
Anna S
Brittani S
Sarah S
Taylor S
Raychel S
Bianca S
Level 2 – PM
Dayna Helen 9:16 Rx
Turk Helen: 8:24 Rx
Reis S
Chaz S
Bryan S
Marissa FGB: 222 (Rx)
Sanchez FGB: 203
Shug FGB: 169 Rx
Valyn FGB: 230 Rx (8′ WB)
Gary S
Heather S
Adrian S
David Thurs: 165lb, 155lb, 6:03 Rx
Pinkie S
Ruffino S
MegO S
Leah 70lb, :01 (S2), (7 laps)
Elena 50lb, :08, 16:11, C-T-T: 57lb
Anthony 115lb, :21 (S1), 16:04
Chrissy 83lb, :04 (S1), 17:51
Wood FGB: 279 Rx
Nic FGB: 262 Rx
Kristin FGB: 218 Rx
LaRos FGB: 207 (S1)
Miguel S
Gilbert S
Martin S
Shane S
Leigh S
Stacey S
Helen S
Mikey S
Level 1 – PM
Angela S
Hector S
Mel S
Sam S
Ed S
Liz G S
Cooey S
Zach S
Raquel S
Nicole S
Krista S
Rosa S
Pam S
Stefan S