WOD 3/12

Level Two
Clean and Jerk x2x5 @ 75-85%, RPE 8  Rest 3:00
*Weight Recorded
*3 Reps Strict Dips on Boxes (Deep) & 3 Strict CTB Pull-ups during rest time

3 Rounds for Quality
10 Muscle Snatches
15 Push-ups
20 UB Goblet Squats
*Not for time, Post weight/notes to comments

Cash Out
2 Rounds
Standing Hip Hinged 2 Minute Drill

Level One (Day 13)
Level Two “Field Trip”
(see above)

Keeping track of old scores and scars, getting even and one-upping, always makes you less than you are. – Malcolm Forbes

Life After Day 30
*Post thoughts to comments


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  • Congratulations to all of our Circle of Awesomeness Challengers on their amazing accomplishments over the past 6 weeks – y’all are truly awesome!
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AM – Level 1
EJ Skill
Guthrie Skill
Jeff Skill
Mischka Skill
Damon Skill
Tanya Skill
Sam Skill
Natalie Skill
Eileen Skill
Jurkash Skill
Vanessa Skill
AM – Level 2
JV 55lb
Charlie S
Jackie 55lb
Janice 65lb
Mike 135lb
MegO 50lb
Brandon 145lb
Steven 135lb
Danny 145lb
Valyn 70lb
Michael 135lb
Jenna 70lb
Schittone 145lb
Eric 175lb
Ballet 135lb
Jeff 135lb
Gwar 135lb
Cindy 70lb
Christina 65lb
Walt 115lb
Paddy 145lb
Adam 85lb
12P – Level 2
Cat 75lb
Mer 65lb
Erin 95lb
Ronnie 20lb
Tristy Skill
Heather 65lb
Thurst 65lb
Lance 145lb
G 65lb
Clapper 125lb
Desiree 70lb
PM – Level 2
Boone 185lb
Shanahan 75lb
Mrs Fro 35lb
Fro 165lb
Pratt 95lb
Sleeves 205lb
Greg 135lb
Martin 125lb
Monk 135lb
Matthew 115lb
Cooey 115lb
Andy 115lb
Sanchez 135lb
Caitlin 65lb
Sting 55lb
PM – Level 1
Jeff Skill
Meg Skill
Angela Skill
Adrian Skill
Aly Skill
Pam Skill
Jennifer Skill
Liz G Skill
Denise Skill
George Skill
Beth Skill
Raquel Skill