WOD 3/22

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Gymnastics WOD or One Arm DB Muscle Snatch 3×8/Side

Make-up Day/Skill Day/Strength Day

Strength WOD:
BN Press: 3×5 @ 2020
Squat: 5×2 @ 80%
DL: 3×5 @ 60-65%
*1-3 Muscle-ups or Chest to bar/belly pull-ups b/t squat and deadlift sets

Art is science made clear. -Wilson Mizner

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-Next Monday, 3/28 we will be holding a two free Weightlifting Classes w/ Jodi Vaughn 2004 Olympic alternate click here to sign up!
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar. Here is more information.

AM Results
MG Jenny S
Chaz S
9am S
Tow Matt M 84 (KR)
Walker S
Sam S
Letty S
Rob S
PM Results
Tasha Fri 5:53 (Pike)
Jables CFT 439lb
Cat S
Sherman Fri. 6:41 rX
Betsy S
David S
Natalie S
Lance S
Danielle S
G Fri
Winner Fri 3:51 (Pike)
Kristin Fri 3:26 (Pike)
Steph S
Rookie S
Jennifer S
Nick CC
Kavi M 90 (KR)
Alex S
Eric S